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Who we are

We have been helping teachers achieve internationally recognized qualifications in TESOL for over 10 years. We work with training centers around the world to connect trainee teachers with high quality courses to enable them to travel, train and teach in different countries.

We understand that choosing a quality TEFL/TESOL course can be a difficult task. Our aim is to bring a wide range of teacher training courses (CertTESOL, CELTA) to one place so that it is easy for teachers to make an informed decision about the best course for them.

Language Point Training Courses

Language Point Teacher Education is working with Xplore TEFL to bring a range of teacher training and development courses to teachers who would not otherwise have access to this level of training. With Language Point’s blended and online courses, which focus on teachers working in their specific educational context, and Xplore TEFL’s longstanding relationships with education providers, TESOL organisations and other institutions, we are able to reach more teachers than ever before, bringing the benefits of truly sustainable training to the teachers who need it. Contact us to become a partner center, or to talk about group and individual enrollments on our range of TESOL and teacher development courses.

Our Trainers

Our team of world-class teacher educators specialize in a very wide range of fields within education, and are all qualified to a post-graduate level in TESOL and education related subjects. From young learners to CLIL, STEAM, e-learning and Academic English, our tutors develop the specific classroom skills which teachers need in their context.

Tom Garside

Jane Richbell

Charlotte Giller

Tom Garside (Founder, CEO)

Tom Garside has been supporting language educators for over 20 years. He has worked in Language Centers, universities and teacher training centers in France, China, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the UK, working to develop language education in different academic contexts, and helping teachers at all levels of experience. He founded Language Point Teacher Education in 2018 in order to design and lead new modes of teacher education in conjunction with Trinity College London and other partner institutions worldwide.

Our network

Our network of internationally accredited centers are quality-assured by global organisations like Trinity College London and Cambridge University ESOL, meaning that you can reach the training goals that you want for your future.

We also work with experienced education professionals to bring you news and information about international English teaching via our blog, making XploreTEFL a valuable resource for new teachers. We draw on teachers' experiences in the industry to ensure that we provide the right support for you as you progress through your training and beyond

Train where you teach

If you want to train to teach English anywhere in the world, why not enroll on an accredited course in the region where you want to travel? Our partner centers operate in 35+ countries, and provide different types of training to meet the needs of teachers in those regions, and those wanting to enter the wider international field of TESOL.

Train, live and work anywhere in the world

XploreTEFL liaises with training providers to meet your specific course and travel needs. We can help you to communicate with different training providers to help you organize your visa, accommodation and training to a timescale that suits you, which means you have more time to focus on your performance on the course you attend.

Thinking beyond the course

Our ongoing aim is to help trainees become great teachers when they have become qualified. A high level of training will lead to a high level of performance in your teaching career, so we want to ensure that you make the right choices from your first experience with the field of TEFL/TESOL

Professional services: In addition to teacher training courses, XploreTEFL provides employment support through our dedicated job board. You can find the right position for you by searching our database of schools, colleges and language centers around the world.

Our values and how we realize them

Facilitating the right training for our clients

We work to identify the types of training that are most suitable for you, your plans and your skills. Of the various TEFL/TESOL courses available out there, we aim to match you with the best provider, in the best location based on your preferences.

Informing training choices

We provide information about the courses that our partner providers offer in order to help you make the right training choice decision for you. With our close association with academic and administrative staff, we remain abreast with the information to answer your questions.

Providing industry knowledge

As part of our wider service, we aim to provide a range of information about the English teaching industry in different regions of the world, employment, best practices, current trends and insider tips about how to succeed on your training course, in your teaching positions and beyond. Our blogs and online articles cover a wide range of aspects within TESOL, and can be used as a resource for beginner teachers and more experienced professionals alike.

Building employment pathways

We know that the reason for taking a training course in TEFL/TESOL is ultimately to be able to find quality paid employment. Our employment services can inform you about the language education industry in different parts of the world, and what to look out for in job ads from different types of institution. We aim to provide our teachers with the tools they need to move into the world of professional English teaching smoothly and positively in the regions they are interested in.

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