Benefits of Online TEFL Teacher Training: A flexible solution for busy teachers


If you work as a full-time (or even part-time) teacher, you will know that the workload and extra responsibilities that you take will leave you with very little time to focus on making your teaching better. TEFL training and development courses cost time and extra headspace, which most of us simply don’t have – after all, you’ve got a lesson in 10 minutes / after a quick sandwich / tomorrow morning, so that will always take priority.

However, if you don’t work on your teaching methods and find new ways of doing things, even the best teacher can stagnate and get stuck in a term-long loop that goes around and around. Professional development is a key part of the teaching profession. As the world changes, and new ways of reaching out to students come along, every educator needs to keep up with the most effective ways of delivering classes to their learners.

So, here are 5 reasons why you should choose an Online TEFL Teacher Training Course:

1) Self-directed study and time management

The solution to this familiar situation is developing through new modes of blended and online TEFL training, which can be studied to a flexible pace, or even integrated into your daily teaching in an in-service (INSETT) mode.

Effective online TEFL training courses typically take a self-directed approach, where teachers can manage their time and workload through their working day, and balance this with their training activity.

The most effective online CPD courses not only strike this balance sensitively, but use training content to support teachers in their classroom load, bringing positive effects to their teaching as they study.

2) Integration into daily workload

One way of achieving this integration is to make sure that the training is designed with teachers’ daily needs in mind. This means tasks and application of learned content can be achieved as part of the assessment, or an activity which leads up to focused work in areas which the teacher is actually delivering as they study. This is the essence of contextually-informed TESOL teacher education, a principle that is at the heart of the courses designed and delivered by Language Point.

3) New forms of accreditation

We deliver online TESOL courses and education training for language and subject educators worldwide through a range of internally and internationally accredited TESOL courses and qualifications, which take the teacher and their learners as the starting point for course activity. Our courses focus on areas of teaching and learning defined by the participant teachers themselves, based on their unique knowledge of the learners in their classes. This enables teachers to take control of their own development and work on the aspects of their classroom delivery, which they prioritize as needs.

4) Access to high-level trainers worldwide

Our team of world-class education developers have been working with teachers for years, and are all qualified to post-graduate level in their fields. All are approved trainers on internationally recognized qualifications such as the Trinity CertTESOL and DipTESOL, and Cambridge CELTA and DELTA qualifications. They will work with you individually and in groups to define and develop the aspects of your work, which will enhance your teaching in your specific setting, whether that is online, in a classroom, with full digital resources, or very little material to work with. Our TEFL development courses are flexible to any teacher working in any situation.

5) Range and depth of training activity

All Language Point online courses include a range of research, reflective and collaborative tasks, live tutorials with course tutors, and can be supplemented with video observations of your classes, and work with the teaching materials that you use every day.

In addition, we specialize in a very wide range of specialisms within international education, including: CLIL, English for Academic Purposes, teaching the four skills, Young Learners, online delivery, differentiation, materials design

To find out more about our range of online teacher training and development courses, contact us, and we will get back to you with a recommendation that is right for you. Online training works when it is part of a professional development routine carried out in the workplace.

This article was originally published in Apr-2020 and was last updated in Jul-2020.

Author: Tom Garside

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