Cambridge CELTA Course in Brno

An enchanting city that goes by many names such as ‘The Hill Town’ and ‘Little Vienna’, Brno has an international student-led atmosphere that is excellent for taking a CELTA.

TEFL Certification in Brno, Czech Republic

With lots of green recreational areas, picturesque red roofs and the calmness of the Brno Lake that radiates across the entire city, taking a CELTA course in Brno, is a wonderful choice for students who love big cities without the usual hustle and bustle that surrounds them.

Our TEFL training center in Brno provides English teaching drills that meet the requirements of the CELTA syllabus and is suitable for both existing and beginner teachers who wish to acquire an internationally acclaimed teaching certificate.

During your training at our institute, you will go through methodology workshops which cover language analysis and awareness, language skills, teaching and learning contexts and teaching skills development.

You will also be expected to participate in frequent teaching practice where you observe our experienced tutors teaching, teach model students, engage in peer observations, discussions and self-assessment. As a means of evaluation, our CELTA participants receive written assignments which are related to topics learnt and teaching practice.

We have a no discrimination policy which means our candidates are taken across several age groups and cultures. As a result of this, training is done through a communicative teaching approach adapted to our diverse range of students.

Brno Course Highlights - A Quick Glance

  • A minimum of 120 contact hours at our center, with additional hours spent outside class for self-study: background reading, lesson planning and assignment writing.
  • Trainees are involved in lesson planning, language analysis, observation of peers and experienced teachers, reflection on their teaching practice and feedback from trainers.
  • 6 hours of assessed teaching practice along with peer observation.
  • 6 hours of observation of live lessons taught by experienced ELT professionals.
  • On-going job support, suitable assistance and continous professional development services.

Brno Course Dates

Due to the on-going pandemic (COVID-19), most of the courses are now ONLINE!
Contact us, to receive an update on the upcoming CELTA course, dates & fees in Brno.

Note that, an Online CELTA holds the same value as the face to face course, and is equally recognized by ESL employers worldwide.

Brno Course Details

Entry Requirements

  • You should be 20 years old by the commencement date of the course (trainees can be accepted over 18 at the center’s discretion).
  • While the course itself does not require you to have a degree, you should have a standard of education equivalent to that required for an entry into primary or higher education.
  • Have a strong command, awareness of English language with equal skills over verbal and written English so as to follow the course and complete the assignments.

Course Syllabus

Some of the main units of learning are:

  • Learners and teachers and the teaching and learning context
  • Language analysis and awareness
  • Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • Planning and resources for different contexts
  • Developing teaching skills and professionalism
  • Classroom observation and management skills
  • Teaching practice and guidelines


You will be continually assessed throughout the course and there is no final examination. The two types of assessment are:

  • Teaching Practice
  • Written Assignments

CELTA course trainees will always be kept informed of their progress during the course and an external assessor, appointed by Cambridge English, moderates each course.

Teaching Practice, Observation

Teaching practice is an integral part of the course where trainees work in groups to plan, observe and give feedback to each other.

  • Six hours of assessed teaching practice with real students in real classes.
  • Detailed oral and written feedback of your teaching practice.
  • Observation of both peer and qualified ELT teachers for six hours.

CELTA Training Center in Brno

Our TEFL training institute is moderated by the second largest university in Brno which is also one of the most prestigious institutes of higher learning in Europe. Our high reputation in the field of training English teachers led us to gain accreditation from the University of Cambridge ESOL to run the CELTA training course.

We have a large community of international students that helps you relate with cultures from every part of the world, strengthening your ability to function as a professional ESL teacher who can identify with different learning contexts of your adult learners.

In addition to our reputation for high standard learning, we have a unique university infrastructure with our new ultra-modern campus, world class classrooms and libraries. There is a university auditorium, restaurants, halls of residence, cafes, a standard gym and numerous other sport facilities for our CELTA students to enjoy and have a great time while studying.

Job Support and Placement: Brno, Czech Republic

With your CELTA certificate from our training institute, you will have access to a high number of opportunities in Brno and across the country.

Due to our location in one of the top job markets for ESL teachers in Europe, we assist our students to explore opportunities both locally and internationally and take the journey with them to achieve a promising future at the end of their training.

All our TEFL graduates are encouraged to take part in our career development programs and engage their tutors for job support programs and placement arrangements at the end of their training period.

We are famous for our methodological support and strong foreign cooperation for which a number of our alumni can attest.

Why Choose CELTA in Brno?

Brno is the second largest city in Czech Republic with a highly international atmosphere that attracts students from different countries. It is also one of the most important cities in the Czech Republic with a high demand for certified English teachers from all parts of the world.

At the end of your CELTA course in Brno, you will be open to opportunities within and outside the city with a variety of positions from teaching children to adults and openings throughout the year especially between September and October which are the peak hiring periods.

TEFL teachers with a CELTA certificate in Brno earn a higher salary starting from about 1,000 USD to 1,500 USD per month. You can also find language schools who will offer up to 20 USD for a 45 minutes lesson. A lot of English teaching jobs in the country come with free accommodation and so teachers are able to save more.

In addition to these, Brno is a great city to live as it is less crowded than Prague and a comfortable city to enjoy a calm lifestyle and lots of rest.

Things to do in Brno, Czech Republic while taking a CELTA

Amongst the innumerable place to visit in Brno, the Brno Lake is at the top of the list. Unarguably the largest recreation center in the city, the lake is exceptionally serene with lots of beautiful wooded hills in its surroundings.

Take a trip to the Veveri Castle, an astonishing castle with interesting features and a very historic aura. The tall building was built some 800 years back as a small hunting lodge before it became the huge beauty that it is now although now famed as one of the most damaged castles in the country.

Being in Brno is a great opportunity to try Czech’s famous locally made wines. You can visit one of the best bars in the country called ‘Bar Ktery Neexistuje’ literally “the bar that does not exist” and get the traditional Czech drink called Kofola or the delicious tasty wine ‘Blood of Moravia’ while you mix with lots of international students that visit the bar.

Don’t leave Brno without visiting a local restaurant where you can have a taste of the tasty national Czech dish, Vepro Knedlo Zelo usually made of dumplings, cabbage, roast pork.

Other places to visit in Brno include the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, the Villa Tugendhat, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and the Kravi Hora mountain amongst many others.

Obtain your CELTA in Brno at our Cambridge certified university located in the heart of Central Europe and become qualified to teach English in any part of the world. Apply now to begin your journey to a fulfilling English teaching career.

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