Cambridge CELTA Course in Calgary

Calgary, a modern and diverse city, provides lots of opportunities to explore and enjoy a beautiful part of Canada. Take your CELTA in Calgary and enjoy the festival and rodeo that gave the city its eminent nickname - Cow-town!

TEFL Certification in Calgary, Canada

Prominent for the yearly Calgary Stampede, one of the world’s best outdoor show, Calgary is a city in a class of its own. We know you will love the city of Calgary with its lively nature and amazing opportunities. A lot of our trainees choose to stay back in the city to teach after their CELTA course is complete.

Situated in downtown Calgary, we offer the CELTA course coordinated and taught by professional tutors who support trainees every step of the way. The training is suitable for those starting on their ESL teaching journey and those with some experience who want a formal qualification. Teachers who work in a public school system who may like to gain an insight into the teaching of ESL are welcome too.

Our in-depth CELTA course is relatively unique in its approach, covering areas such as classroom management, planning, preparation, and assessment. Usually, there is ongoing assessment and evaluation alongside the opportunity to observe experienced teachers. Furthermore, the opportunity to receive feedback from practice sessions and discuss with tutors allow you to work on your weak areas and gain confidence.

Our TEFL course at Calagry emphasize each candidates’ development as this is the standard by which we measure the effectiveness of our tutors. At the end of each training, we produce teachers who are confident to teach anywhere in the world and occupy top positions in the global TESOL market.

Calgary Course Highlights - A Quick Glance

  • A minimum of 120 contact hours at our center, with additional hours spent outside class for self-study: background reading, lesson planning and assignment writing.
  • Trainees are involved in lesson planning, language analysis, observation of peers and experienced teachers, reflection on their teaching practice and feedback from trainers.
  • 6 hours of assessed teaching practice along with peer observation.
  • 6 hours of observation of live lessons taught by experienced ELT professionals.
  • On-going job support, suitable assistance and continous professional development services.

Calgary Course Dates

Due to the on-going pandemic (COVID-19), most of the courses are now ONLINE!
Contact us, to receive an update on the upcoming CELTA course, dates & fees in Calgary.

Note that, an Online CELTA holds the same value as the face to face course, and is equally recognized by ESL employers worldwide.

Calgary Course Details

Entry Requirements

  • You should be 20 years old by the commencement date of the course (trainees can be accepted over 18 at the center’s discretion).
  • While the course itself does not require you to have a degree, you should have a standard of education equivalent to that required for an entry into primary or higher education.
  • Have a strong command, awareness of English language with equal skills over verbal and written English so as to follow the course and complete the assignments.

Course Syllabus

Some of the main units of learning are:

  • Learners and teachers and the teaching and learning context
  • Language analysis and awareness
  • Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • Planning and resources for different contexts
  • Developing teaching skills and professionalism
  • Classroom observation and management skills
  • Teaching practice and guidelines


You will be continually assessed throughout the course and there is no final examination. The two types of assessment are:

  • Teaching Practice
  • Written Assignments

CELTA course trainees will always be kept informed of their progress during the course and an external assessor, appointed by Cambridge English, moderates each course.

Teaching Practice, Observation

Teaching practice is an integral part of the course where trainees work in groups to plan, observe and give feedback to each other.

  • Six hours of assessed teaching practice with real students in real classes.
  • Detailed oral and written feedback of your teaching practice.
  • Observation of both peer and qualified ELT teachers for six hours.

CELTA Training Center in Calgary

Our TEFL training center at Calagry is located on 1st Street SE, and within the center, you have access to Wi-Fi, an extensive library with updated TEFL resources, and a lounge to hang out with your classmates during breaks. We have a computer center, a photocopier and stationery to support you with lesson planning and practice teaching.

Our best asset, though, is in our team of highly experienced international trainers. Each of our tutors has the Advanced Cambridge Diploma in English Teaching (DELTA) and M.A. Degrees with years of experience training both unilingual and multilingual groups of teachers.

With our support staff, we are confident you will feel comfortable and encouraged throughout your TEFL course.

Job Support and Placement: Calgary, Canada

At our TEFL center in Calagry, we offer career advice and provide references to all our candidates as a means of easing there job placement task after the training. There are several graduates who've been placed at our center in Calagry after successfully completing their CELTA course as substitute, part-time or full-time teachers.

We also help our graduates in passing all information regarding various ESL jobs available in the market. Along with career advise our tutors also offer tips in preparing CV and applications.

Why Choose CELTA in Calgary?

Certified TEFL teachers of English language are in demand in Calgary, and as a result, if you wish to stay on after your course is complete, you should find work somewhat easily. Whether you want to tutor one to one or teach adults in a private language academy, there are lots of openings available. Calgary is within easy access to other parts of Canada if you want to try out other cities.

You will find openings in international private schools, community center programs, state schools,  private tutoring and through the Language Instructions for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program.  As a teacher with a CELTA certificate, you can earn between 22 CAD to 35 CAD per hour.

With the average salary, you would be able to live comfortably and break even. Living costs in Calgary are lower than in neighboring Vancouver, making it easier to stretch your pay further. Salaries for English teachers may vary, so it is always best to check with your employer. Bilingual schools, for example, often pay more than language academies. Many TEFL teachers choose to offer private classes, particularly for businessmen and women, and this can prove to be quite lucrative.

Things to do in Calgary, Canada while taking a CELTA

There is so much to do in Calgary that many of our CELTA trainees end up extending their stay after the training. The landscape is scenic with lots of beautiful views to admire. Located at the foot of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary has a variety of winter sports to engage in and opportunity to watch athletes too.

Ballet and dance are on offer both to watch and if you wish to take classes. You can take in a concert at the Badlands Amphitheater or visit Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park to learn about the history of the Blackfoot people after one of your TEFL sessions. The acclaimed Broadway Theater is an option for teachers who wish to see a show or performance.

The Calgary Zoo, which is the largest in Canada, is a fantastic place to visit to see the wonders of nature. With over 1,000 animals and the zoo offers a fascinating adventure.

The Alberta Beer festival is a great way to chill out during your stay or enjoy the Blues, fringe, or folk music festivals. For a more mind-blowing experience, you can take an ice walk in a canyon, try your hand at summer bobsleighing, or even go river-rafting! The possibilities are endless.

For an adrenaline-filled adventure, find your way to the top of the Calgary Tower, formerly referred to as Husky Tower for a panoramic view of the city. You can then get to the Prince’s Island Park to relax or stroll along Bow River.

Food in Calgary is multi-cultural and ranges from Korean to barbecue to French! For some traditional Canadian bites, try Pierogis, a stuffed dumpling incredibly popular with locals but hailing from Eastern Europe originally. Bison, puffed wheat squares, and Tabercorn are some other foods commonly found - the city even has a corn festival to celebrate the corn harvest!

Get your CELTA in Calgary. Take the opportunity to explore the largest city in Alberta with easy access to some of the highest paying ESL markets in Asia, Europe, and Australia.

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