Cambridge CELTA Course in Edinburgh

Famed for its International arts festivals, exotic whiskey, and stunning Japanese gardens, Edinburgh is a beautiful study destination and a great place to obtain a CELTA certificate.

TEFL Certification in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Taking a CELTA in Edinburgh gives you the chance to experience a colorful culture and striking lifestyle that leaves you with unforgettable memories. The city is proud of its enchanting influence on people from around the world. Respected for its long academic traditions, you will find taking a CELTA course here absolutely fascinating.

At the Edinburgh CELTA institute, we demonstrate the best practices for teacher training institutions in terms of methodology and course review mechanisms. In our quest to improve teacher quality through the CELTA course, we offer you a distinct mix of theoretical classes on lesson planning, classroom management and learning context plus real-life practical classes.

You will first learn the intrinsic of English teaching and then practice with model students from different backgrounds. By the time you have completed your CELTA with us here at Edinburgh, you will have obtained all the necessary skills teaching English language to kids or adults successfully. These skills include evaluation and assessment, material selection, and the right approach for delivery in different contexts.

Our tutors are highly supportive and always available to put you through in the case of any difficulty during training.

More than just taking your CELTA in one of the best teacher training institutes in the country, you will also be living in a city that gives so much more. Edinburgh offers all that you could want in a livable town without the cost and congestions of most western European cities.

Edinburgh Course Highlights - A Quick Glance

  • A minimum of 120 contact hours at our center, with additional hours spent outside class for self-study: background reading, lesson planning and assignment writing.
  • Trainees are involved in lesson planning, language analysis, observation of peers and experienced teachers, reflection on their teaching practice and feedback from trainers.
  • 6 hours of assessed teaching practice along with peer observation.
  • 6 hours of observation of live lessons taught by experienced ELT professionals.
  • On-going job support, suitable assistance and continous professional development services.

Edinburgh Course Dates

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the CELTA courses continue to be delivered Online. However, both Mixed-mode and Face-to-face courses are being conducted depending on the interest. Please contact us to inquire about the specific course formats available.

Note that, an Online CELTA holds the same value as the Face-to-face course, and is equally recognized by ESL employers worldwide.

Edinburgh Course Details

Entry Requirements

  • You should be 20 years old by the commencement date of the course (trainees can be accepted over 18 at the center’s discretion).
  • While the course itself does not require you to have a degree, you should have a standard of education equivalent to that required for an entry into primary or higher education.
  • Have a strong command, awareness of English language with equal skills over verbal and written English so as to follow the course and complete the assignments.

Course Syllabus

Some of the main units of learning are:

  • Learners and teachers and the teaching and learning context
  • Language analysis and awareness
  • Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • Planning and resources for different contexts
  • Developing teaching skills and professionalism
  • Classroom observation and management skills
  • Teaching practice and guidelines


You will be continually assessed throughout the course and there is no final examination. The two types of assessment are:

  • Teaching Practice
  • Written Assignments

CELTA course trainees will always be kept informed of their progress during the course and an external assessor, appointed by Cambridge English, moderates each course.

Teaching Practice, Observation

Teaching practice is an integral part of the course where trainees work in groups to plan, observe and give feedback to each other.

  • Six hours of assessed teaching practice with real students in real classes.
  • Detailed oral and written feedback of your teaching practice.
  • Observation of both peer and qualified ELT teachers for six hours.

CELTA Training Center in Edinburgh

Our Edinburgh training center is located in the medieval Old Town, Edinburgh, and the capital city of Scotland. The center is close to the main road of the city, Princes Street and offers a great view of the castle.

We boast of over 30 years of providing English language training across Europe. There are several cafes, restaurants, and sandwich shops where teachers can relax and enjoy a good meal.

Our facilities include conducive classrooms, a computer room, and free internet access throughout the campus. We also organize different social programs that our trainees can participate in at their free me.

Our teachers enjoy an amiable and supportive learning atmosphere with tutors who are ready to give individual attention and ensure each candidate has a delightful study experience.

Job Support and Placement: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

During the training, we provide a lot of information to our CELTA candidates on how to find opportunities in the ESL job market and relate with employers after their training.

We usually experience an increase in the need for teachers at the center during the summer months and give preference to those who have had their CELTA training with us.

Additionally, we understand that finding a job in the UK is usually quite stressful except during the summer period where there are a number of summer schools willing to employ teachers. As a result, we advise that our graduates travel abroad and explore different options in other countries where they can easily gain experience and practice a fulfilling career.

Why Choose CELTA in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is one of the most sought after places to live for international students and professionals with English as a second language. There are several independent language and universities where teachers with a CELTA can find opportunities to work. Although more openings are only available during the summer period when schools organize summer camps and need more teachers.

Within the city, CELTA graduates can find jobs all year round. However, the best time to apply for a job is between March and June when schools hire the most. You can check with the Edinburgh local authority or the city council for job opportunities too.

On the average, English teachers in Edinburgh can make between 1,700 to 3,500 USD per month depending on the type of job (either full time or part-time). The amount you earn may also be dependent on the level of placement of your experience. As the capital city. Edinburgh has a higher cost of living than most other cities. However, teachers can save more by buying from local stores and sharing accommodation.

More importantly, Edinburgh is a gateway to the Northern parts of the UK. It is also a transportation hub with international flights to all parts of the world and far-reaching train lines. As a result, you can easily access other parts of the world with your CELTA certificate, which gives you an edge in the global English teaching market.

Things to do in Edinburgh, United Kingdom while taking a CELTA

Edinburgh offers CELTA trainees quick access to beautiful natural scenery where they can get a break from the urban environment or relax between intensive classes. No matter your preferences, you will always find something that interests you to do in the Scottish capital.

Experience ceilidh dances, highland games, and Haggis while enjoying all of the stunning architectural structures, the castle, beer, and delicious traditional cuisines.

The famous extinct volcano called Arthur's Seat and the Pentland hills are places you can find a great balance between your study period, the bustling city life and the peace in nature. A climb to the top of Arthur's seat, which is the highest peaks in Holyrood Park makes for a great adventure. More interestingly, the beautiful range of hills of Pentland can make you forget the city for a while.

Your visit to Edinburgh will be incomplete without a sight of the most famous landmark in Scotland, which is the Edinburgh Castle. Some of the things you should look out for at the castle include the collection of crown jewels, the One o'clock salute and the Stone of Destiny also called Stone of Score. Additionally, Stirling and Skye Island should be on your bucket list as it looks like something taken from a fantasy movie.

Accessible for a day or multiday trek, the Scottish Highlands are breathtaking. If you are there in the winter, you can enjoy the ski slopes of the Cairn Gorms. The city is home to the best festival in the world for the entire month of August, The Fringe Festival.

When it comes to delicious cuisines, Edinburgh never disappoints and is able to cater to all tastes. Try the Cullen Skink, a creamy fish soup with potato and smoked fish common among the locals. Then go ahead to excite your taste buds with Haggis, possibly the most famous Scottish traditional food, a mix of sheep offal with seasoning and oats.

Begin your CELTA in Edinburgh. Take a shot at finding the Lochness monster around the grand Loch Ness, soak in the art and color during Edinburgh Fringe Festival or admire the beautiful Edinburgh castle as you acquire the necessary skills to become a qualified English teacher.

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