Cambridge CELTA Course in Johannesburg

Often referred to as Joburg, eGoli or the City of Gold, Johannesburg is an interesting and low cost destination for obtaining a CELTA certificate compared to many other English speaking countries in the world.

TEFL Certification in Johannesburg, South Africa

Taking a CELTA course in Johannesburg is an exciting opportunity to experience a highly multicultural society and an exciting lifestyle coupled with professional teacher training.

Our TEFL institute is located right in the heart of the city, close to major transport hubs and with easy access to iconic spots within the city to give you the best experience while you take your course.

We run intensive CELTA courses for English teachers as accredited by the University of Cambridge and recognized by EFL organisations across the world. Our CELTA course which is approximately 120 hours and runs for a period of 4 weeks include tutorial support, supervised lesson planning and as well as class observation of lessons taught by experienced teacher training professionals.

An integral part of the TEFL course is the daily teaching practice which is based on lessons taught and input sessions. Candidates are expected to work in group, planning lessons, observing one another’s teaching and giving feedback both in written and oral form. 

Also, TEFL trainees have to practice teaching a minimum of two levels of students for better experience and to build their confidence to take on classrooms as qualified teachers.

Johannesburg Course Highlights - A Quick Glance

  • A minimum of 120 contact hours at our center, with additional hours spent outside class for self-study: background reading, lesson planning and assignment writing.
  • Trainees are involved in lesson planning, language analysis, observation of peers and experienced teachers, reflection on their teaching practice and feedback from trainers.
  • 6 hours of assessed teaching practice along with peer observation.
  • 6 hours of observation of live lessons taught by experienced ELT professionals.
  • On-going job support, suitable assistance and continous professional development services.

Johannesburg Course Dates

Due to the on-going pandemic (COVID-19), most of the courses are now ONLINE!
Contact us, to receive an update on the upcoming CELTA course, dates & fees in Johannesburg.

Note that, an Online CELTA holds the same value as the face to face course, and is equally recognized by ESL employers worldwide.

Johannesburg Course Details

Entry Requirements

  • You should be 20 years old by the commencement date of the course (trainees can be accepted over 18 at the center’s discretion).
  • While the course itself does not require you to have a degree, you should have a standard of education equivalent to that required for an entry into primary or higher education.
  • Have a strong command, awareness of English language with equal skills over verbal and written English so as to follow the course and complete the assignments.

Course Syllabus

Some of the main units of learning are:

  • Learners and teachers and the teaching and learning context
  • Language analysis and awareness
  • Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • Planning and resources for different contexts
  • Developing teaching skills and professionalism
  • Classroom observation and management skills
  • Teaching practice and guidelines


You will be continually assessed throughout the course and there is no final examination. The two types of assessment are:

  • Teaching Practice
  • Written Assignments

CELTA course trainees will always be kept informed of their progress during the course and an external assessor, appointed by Cambridge English, moderates each course.

Teaching Practice, Observation

Teaching practice is an integral part of the course where trainees work in groups to plan, observe and give feedback to each other.

  • Six hours of assessed teaching practice with real students in real classes.
  • Detailed oral and written feedback of your teaching practice.
  • Observation of both peer and qualified ELT teachers for six hours.

CELTA Training Center in Johannesburg

Our CELTA training center is located in Braamfontein, Johannesburg within an environment that is vibrant and encompasses the liveliness of the city.

We have facilities including a full library containing a diverse range of TEFL course books and computer software, well-furnished classrooms, computer rooms with Wi-Fi, listening labs, a quiet space to work on your assignments and study, and a canteen that serves variety of food.

We ensure that you get the best experience of Johannesburg while you take your CELTA. Therefore, in addition to your classes, we organize a number of activities for you to socialize and see interesting places within the city. Some of our favorite destinations include the Gold Reef City, The Johannesburg Zoo and the Mote casino bird Gardens.

Job Support and Placement: Johannesburg, South Africa

We have sessions on career advice and counselling for all our trainees during their CELTA course at the center. Candidates are provided useful information on where to find employments opportunities and how to market themselves in the TESOL market in Johannesburg, across South Africa and the world.

Furthermore, our network of schools, including the Johannesburg center, employs over 5,000 teachers across the world with lots of opportunities open to our CELTA graduates to join our team of language tutors and teacher trainers.

We also have a Facebook group where TEFL trainees and alumni can meet up, deliberate and share advice on job searches and career tips.

Why Choose CELTA in Johannesburg?

CELTA in Johannesburg presents an opportunity to make considerable savings in obtaining the course. This is a result of the low cost of living in the city compared to many other English speaking countries.

Taking a TEFL in Johannesburg, South Africa means you have chosen the option that opens you to diverse opportunities in the ESL market both within the city and beyond.

Most of the popular English teaching opportunities in Johannesburg offer about 1,000 USD per month and the peak periods for hiring is in November and also between December and January.

With the cost of living in the city, it is possible to break even or save as much as 25% of your earnings. TEFL certified teachers can also make extra income from private tutoring which pays between 12 USD to 20 USD per hour depending on the student’s ability to pay.

Although having a CELTA certificate combined with a degree is a warranty for an English teaching job anywhere across the world, it is even more crucial to obtain employment in Johannesburg where there is a competitive TESOL market.

With your CELTA in Johannesburg, you can find job openings in the hospitality and tourism sector, at private international schools, public schools as well as a few administrative position.

Things to do in Johannesburg, South Africa while taking a CELTA

Passionately referred to as Jozi or The city of Gold, Johannesburg is not only one of the biggest cities in South Africa, but also a lively hub of culture, art and adventure. The city is adorned by a spectacular blend of adorable skylines, beautiful galleries, safari tours and of course the famous Shanty town of Soweto. Your experience in Johannesburg will be incomplete without a visit to some of the famous attraction spots in the city.

During a TEFL weekend, take a Safari tour in the Cradle of Humankind, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the Sterkfontein caves and an exhibition of extraordinary archaeological excavations.

A day trip to Soweto, the famous shanty town that tells the tales of the fight for freedom and the struggle for democracy will make your day one of the weekends when you are free. See where black laborers were housed and enjoy a stirring tour of the Apartheid Museum or Hector Peiterson Memorial and Museum in honor of the students shot while protesting apartheid.

If you want an escape from the intensity of the city or just some time for relaxation after your TEFL class, then visit the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens, home to the Witpoortjie waterfall, the Cycad and the birds and butterfly gardens.

Johannesburg is a bustling metropolis with a rich multicultural atmosphere and vibrant lifestyle. Apply for your CELTA in Johannesburg to enjoy benefits that you can hardly find in any other part of the world while obtaining the necessary skills you need teach and travel across the globe.

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