Cambridge CELTA Course in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, steeped in history, art, music, and literature, is the wealthiest and biggest city in Cambodia, an excellent destination for CELTA.

TEFL Certification in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Often called the "Pearl of Asia", a CELTA in Phnom Penh will help lay the foundations for your future teaching career while allowing you to step into a fascinating part of a country rich with diversity and culture. Phnom Penh is a peaceful city with scenic landscape and a beautiful environment for you to explore while you study.

Our highly practical CELTA course allows you to gain the ability and confidence to teach in varied settings. This ranges from teaching adults within a business environment to those in a school setting. You will attend classes with input sessions which focuses on all the critical aspects of effective English teaching like language analysis, lesson planning, and teaching contexts.

Moreover, the TEFL course includes sessions on classroom management and a total of six hours of teaching practice with tutors observation and constructive feedback. Likewise, you will have the opportunity to observe experienced TESOL professionals, benefit from tutorial support, and guided lesson planning.

Our TEFL course in Phnom Penh will ensure you feel confident when you step into your classroom for the first time providing you with a great foundation and enough courage to begin your English teaching career.

Phnom Penh Course Highlights - A Quick Glance

  • A minimum of 120 contact hours at our center, with additional hours spent outside class for self-study: background reading, lesson planning and assignment writing.
  • Trainees are involved in lesson planning, language analysis, observation of peers and experienced teachers, reflection on their teaching practice and feedback from trainers.
  • 6 hours of assessed teaching practice along with peer observation.
  • 6 hours of observation of live lessons taught by experienced ELT professionals.
  • On-going job support, suitable assistance and continous professional development services.

Phnom Penh Course Dates

Due to the on-going pandemic (COVID-19), most of the courses are now ONLINE!
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Note that, an Online CELTA holds the same value as the face to face course, and is equally recognized by ESL employers worldwide.

Phnom Penh Course Details

Entry Requirements

  • You should be 20 years old by the commencement date of the course (trainees can be accepted over 18 at the center’s discretion).
  • While the course itself does not require you to have a degree, you should have a standard of education equivalent to that required for an entry into primary or higher education.
  • Have a strong command, awareness of English language with equal skills over verbal and written English so as to follow the course and complete the assignments.

Course Syllabus

Some of the main units of learning are:

  • Learners and teachers and the teaching and learning context
  • Language analysis and awareness
  • Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • Planning and resources for different contexts
  • Developing teaching skills and professionalism
  • Classroom observation and management skills
  • Teaching practice and guidelines


You will be continually assessed throughout the course and there is no final examination. The two types of assessment are:

  • Teaching Practice
  • Written Assignments

CELTA course trainees will always be kept informed of their progress during the course and an external assessor, appointed by Cambridge English, moderates each course.

Teaching Practice, Observation

Teaching practice is an integral part of the course where trainees work in groups to plan, observe and give feedback to each other.

  • Six hours of assessed teaching practice with real students in real classes.
  • Detailed oral and written feedback of your teaching practice.
  • Observation of both peer and qualified ELT teachers for six hours.

CELTA Training Center in Phnom Penh

The CELTA training institute in Phnom Pehn is located in Khan Chamkamon and is Cambodia's leading English language institute.

The TEFL training center was established in 1992 and had been providing quality English teacher training within Cambodia and the entire South East region. We have classroom facilities which are up to date and creates an optimum learning experience.

Our CELTA trainees have access to a library with resources to aid their learning, printing and photocopying facilities as well as Wi-Fi. We offer support to candidates who would like to obtain accommodation close to the center with help in arranging secure means of transportation too.

Job Support and Placement: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

As far as job placement assistance and support is concerned, we provide lots of avenues and exposure to opportunities that our graduate TEFL teachers can explore.

As an alumni of the Phnom Penh CELTA training institute, you will enjoy direct access to our HR department and the application process to our campuses within the country.

Usually, our tutors are available to provide references to bolster your job applications anywhere in the world and provide adequate career advice and support to help you find jobs quickly within the city or anywhere around the globe.

Why Choose CELTA in Phnom Penh?

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and has a bustling and diverse center. Both public and private schools are on the lookout for certified English teachers, and with your CELTA, you will be well prepared for job applications and interviews. Another option for TEFL graduates is the one-to-one tutoring. This is common as young people look to supplement their education outside their school classroom.

English is popularly spoken across the country, and the locals are keen to learn to improve their job-seeking chances by learning the language. Being the capital, this means there is a need for teachers in the fast-growing city of Phnom Penh. Also, you should find a job fairly quickly once you complete your CELTA training.

As an English teacher in Phnom Penh, you can earn as much as 1,500 USD per month working in an international school and about 15 USD per hour as a private tutor. Most jobs in Cambodia are found between August and September at the beginning of the school year and are concentrated in cities like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

Living cost in Cambodia is generally cheap even in the larger cities like Phnom Pehn, and street food is easily accessible as against expensive food in big restaurants. You can try doing most of your shopping in the local markets as a way to save more.

Things to do in Phnom Penh, Cambodia while taking a CELTA

From Royal Palaces to Buddhist temples and incredible architecture, there is a wealth of activities to enjoy in Pnom Penh while you take your CELTA. The culture is colorful, the streets are lovely, and the friendly people all constitute factors that make the city easy to explore. You may stay behind after your CELTA training for a few days to explore and enjoy the beautiful sights.

Begin your adventure of Phnom Penh at the National Museum of Cambodia and learn more about the country's history and ancient traditions. Wander around the Psar Thmei central market for an awesome experience as you marvel at the culinary offerings and the other parts of the market selling jewelry, clothing and much more. The Royal Palace, which is also home to the famous riverside temple called Silver Pagodia, is a site you should not miss as you tour the city.

The city of Phnom Penh offers several avenues to have fun and relax after an intensive TEFL class. Experience the national dance shows at the National Museum of Cambodia, or you can try a sunset cruise and enjoy local Khmer music as you float past small villages. A more subdued activity but certainly worth the experience is wandering the Killing Fields and Prison S21 or the Genocide Museum, where you can learn about the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge regime.

Cambodia has a lot of delicious foods to delight your taste buds. Fish Amok is a popular Khmer food to try. Then there is lok lak; stir-fried meat served in lettuce leaf. Try the interesting and highly nutritious food is Balut, fertilized duck egg.

If you fancy stepping away from the city, probably at the end of your TEFL training, you should cross over to Silk Island and explore the silk weaving in this rural spot. You should also check out the animals at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center which works to save and rehabilitate wild animals.

Begin your CELTA in Phnom Penh. Take an opportunity to explore a city full of culture, history, and amazing sights as you obtain the skills required to become a qualified English teacher.

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