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Home to the world’s oldest national church, Armenia offers a beautiful history of the old Christian religion evident in ancient monasteries, cultures and captivating lifestyles. Teach English in Armenia and explore a nation whose descendants can be traced back to Noah’s grandchildren.

With the high number of English teaching opportunities in cities like Yerevan and volunteer openings available all year round, Armenia is fast becoming a favorite destination for ESL teachers worldwide, especially those who love to experience an entirely different culture.

A TEFL certification is required if you want to teach English in Armenia. You can find most job openings in private schools and international language institutes. Depending on your qualification and teaching experience, you can earn between US$700 and US$2,000 per month teaching English in Armenia.

In addition to this, you will have the chance to enjoy the best of traditional Armenian cuisine, coffee, flavored wine, as well as a rich history. During the holidays, many ESL teachers in Armenia take a tour of the country to enjoy the striking views of ancient monasteries and Yerevan's delightful pink city with its stunning architecture.

Earn a TEFL certificate in Armenia to begin your teaching career while exploring the best of Armenian traditional meals and monasteries.

TEFL Courses in Armenia

A Guide to Teaching English in Armenia

A Guide to Teaching English in Armenia

Are English teachers in demand in Armenia?

There is a demand for English teachers in Armenia in both the cities and rural areas. Although most of the country's teaching opportunities are located in Yerevan's capital city, many ESL teachers teach English as volunteers.

The increasing need for English teachers in Armenia can be traced back to its independence from the Soviet Union in 1992. Since this period, the country has undergone many development strategies, some of which contribute to a growing demand for specific skills and professionals, including English teachers.

There are many ESL (English as Second Language) students and an increase in the number of language schools with several teaching opportunities especially volunteering TEFL positions.

Both volunteer and regular teaching opportunities in Armenia offer great career-changing opportunities and a chance for cultural exchange and appreciation.

What are the requirements to teach English in Armenia?

The requirements to teach English in Armenia include an internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL certification, a degree, and an English teaching license. ESL teachers require either one or two or a combination of these depending on the kind of job.

Private and international schools, which are mostly concentrated in Yerevan's capital city, require teachers to have a TEFL certification and teaching license from their home country. At the same time, volunteer TEFL opportunities necessitate teachers to hold both a TEFL certificate and a degree.

Although it is not mandatory, having a Master's Degree or PhD. can increase your salary as an English teacher in Armenia by more than 20%.

What types of jobs are available for English teachers in Armenia?

There are different kinds of job openings available for English teachers in Armenia, Most of these can be found in international schools, private language institutions, and volunteer organizations.

International / Private Language Institutions

Although volunteer TEFL teaching is common, licensed ESL teachers with TEFL certificates can find openings in private language schools and international schools, which are more prevalent in Yerevan, the capital city. Some private language schools in Armenia that offer teaching positions to English teachers include the Global Bridge Educational Centre and the International Centre of Languages and Training.

Teaching as a volunteer in Armenia

Many teachers work as TEFL Volunteers in Armenia, especially through the Peace Corps program, where they can get language training and teach alongside an Armenian teacher for up to two years.

Public schools

The Armenian government outlines some requirements for Armenian teachers, as stated in the State Non-Commercial Educational Institution Model Charter. To teach English in a public school in Armenia, you need to possess a Bachelor's degree. However, ESL teachers often find themselves in high competition for jobs in public schools due to the politicization of vacancies.

How can you find a teaching job in Armenia?

Finding an English teaching job in Armenia can be tasking for teachers looking for positions in private institutes. However, there are many opportunities for volunteering in Armenia.

Most ESL teachers move to the country to search for jobs through TEFL companies or employment agencies.

You can also check online for English teaching opportunities or explore local newspapers where a few employers publish vacancies for English teachers. Websites such as learn4good and indeed are great places to start your job search.

Besides the internet and local newspapers, another way to find English teaching jobs in Armenia is networking. You can connect with other ESL teachers in Armenia or join an EFL community on social media. There are several Facebook groups where teachers share information on available ESL teaching positions.

Armenia also has volunteer teaching positions or ESL teachers. Some popular organizations that offer volunteer ESL opportunities in Armenia include International Volunteer HQ, the Peace Corps, and Armenia Volunteer Corps.

What is the salary for English teachers in Armenia?

The average salary for English teachers in Armenia is US$1,350 per month. Salaries for ESL teachers in Armenia are dependent on the qualifications and years of experience and usually range from US$700 to US$1,550 per month, although schools may pay per hour. A teacher in Armenia with over five years of teaching experience and a Master's degree can earn more than two times more than an inexperienced teacher with a Bachelor's degree.

Besides, with a TEFL certificate, native ESL teachers stand better chances of earning a higher salary. The cost of living in Armenia affords teachers a comfortable lifestyle with a potential ability to save.

Benefits are not common but may include airfare, shared apartments with at least one other teacher, and developmental workshops for teachers.

What type of visa do you need to teach English in Armenia?

You need a work visa or permit if you want to teach English in Armenia. However, it is also possible to travel to Armenia on a tourist visa and obtain a work visa when you get an English teaching job.

Tourist Visa

Prospective English teachers in Armenia can get into the country through a tourist or visitor visa, apply and find a job with a language school and then get a work permit or a residency card. The Government of Armenia is currently making changes to permit granting regulations. When this is done, foreigners from EAEA member states will be exempted from obtaining a work permit. This means ESL teachers who are citizens of EAEU states can work in Armenia on their tourist visa even after expiring.

Work Permit/Visa

Although ESL teachers need a visa to work or study in Armenia, the process is very easy and less likely to be a problem. Citizens of the US, Australia, Sweden, Spain, and some other selected countries do not need a work visa to teach English in Armenia. It is important to visit the Armenian Government website to check if you require a visa to travel to Armenia.

Suppose you are required to get a work visa. In that case, it is best to contact the Armenian Visa Bureau or consulate to determine the visa requirements for your country before you commence any visa application. Your ESL employers may also apply for a work permit on your behalf.

To apply for a work permit to teach English in Armenia, you will be required to fill an application form and provide certain documents, including a valid passport and evidence of qualification for the English teaching job. A work permit to Armenia costs about US$52.

Can you save money while teaching English in Armenia?

You can save money while teaching English in Armenia, even without making significant adjustments to your spending behavior. Armenia has a relatively low cost of living. Although individual lifestyle and budget and the part of Armenia you choose to live in may affect the cost of living, it is possible to save on an average ESL teacher's salary.

Cost of living in Armenia

The cost of living in Armenia is about 1.3 times lower than the average cost of living in the world. While cities like Yerevan have a higher cost of living than other areas, the cost of living in Armenia is about US$300 - US$500 a month on average.

Accommodation Options in Armenia

Accommodation accounts for a large percentage of your cost of living in Armenia. A typical one-bedroom apartment in the capital city will cost about US$400 a month, while outside the city center may be as low as US$200 a month.

When can you apply for teaching jobs in Armenia?

You will find volunteer teaching opportunities in Armenia throughout the year. However, the peak hiring period for English teachers in Armenia starts in January and may extend into February for most international and private schools.

Typically, you will have to undergo an interview before taking a teaching job in Armenia. The interview may be done online or in person.

It is most preferable that you contact the school direct in person rather than through an agent or recruitment company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I teach English in Armenia without a degree?

Yes, you can teach English in Armenia without a degree, although having a degree increases your chances of getting higher-paying positions. If you want to be an ESL teacher in Armenia, you need to have a 120-hour TEFL certificate and some teaching experience. Also, most employers of private language schools in Armenia favor native English teachers.

Where can I teach in Armenia?

You can teach English anywhere in Armenia, either in the big or small cities, depending on your preference. The most important city to find English teaching jobs in Armenia is Yerevan. You can also find jobs in smaller cities like Gyumri and Spitak.

Do I need to know Armenian to teach in Armenia?

No, you do not need to understand Armenian to teach English in Armenia. However, some knowledge of Armenian or Russian will be helpful to communicate outside the classroom.

How easy is it to get a teaching job in Armenia?

Getting a teaching job in Armenia is relatively easy as many locals seek to improve their knowledge of the English language. You can get jobs as a private English tutor or an ESL teacher in international language schools. You can also find English teaching jobs as a volunteer in Armenia.

Can a non-native get a teaching job in Armenia?

A non-native can get an English teaching job in Armenia, provided they have a TEFL certification. Although being a native speaker can quickly get you more teaching opportunities, it is not necessary to get an English teaching job in Armenia. It would be best to have an internationally recognized TEFL certification, a degree, and some teaching experience for highly competitive positions.

Fun and travel activities while teaching in Armenia

Armenia may not be among the top tourist destinations, but there are many exciting places to visit and wonderful structures to see in the country.

Armenia is excitingly rich in ancient Christian tradition with several ancient monasteries and ruins that take visitors back in history up to 1,700 years ago. Experience the fantastic Khor Virap Monastery said to have been built over a thousand years ago by the earliest Christians. The church is set against Mount Ararat and leaves visitors breathless with its magnificent structure. There is also the ancient Geghard Monastery, where the church is delicately carved into a rock mountain.

Away from monasteries and ancient churches, Armenia is also known for delicious mouth-watering meals. The local shredded chicken and peas are known as Morash and Kyufta, Armenian's favorite handmade sausage. Do not miss tasting the famous Armenian coffee and bread called Lavash, which is baked underground and can stay up to a year without spoiling.

For adventures, visit Yerevan, usually referred to as the pink city with beautiful architectural structures in pink shades. Then go ahead to Garni temple, the only pagan temple that Christians did not destroy in the early years when the religion was being introduced.

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