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Belarus also known as White Russia and home to the popular Viber app. It is a flat country with over 11,000 lakes, quaint villages and primeval forests. Teaching English in Belarus is a rewarding way to enjoy amazing adventures across the country.

Get a TEFL Certificate in Belarus to teach English in a third world country with lots of historical museums, monuments that display the famous World War II and Stalinist architecture.

Belarus is a country teachers can explore and find hidden treasures from the war while owning enough time to focus on work. Tucked neatly in between Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine is a very beautiful and exciting country, one in which their most spoken language is surprisingly Russian rather than Belarusian.

Brace up for the best views of the country with majestic fortifications, ancient forests and scenic Stalinist architecture dotting this territory of buried treasures and enjoy making the ‘White Russia’ your home.

With your TEFL certification, you are in the best position to land one of the several teaching jobs in popular ESL destinations such as Minsk, Vitsyebsk, Hrodna-Grodno, Mahilyow and Homyel.

TEFL Courses in Belarus

A Guide to Teaching English in Belarus

A Guide to Teaching English in Belarus

Are English teachers in demand in Belarus?

ESL teachers are not short of teaching opportunities in Belarus, most especially if you have a TEFL certificate in Belarus which would qualify you for jobs in its several International and Language schools. Belarus literacy rate put at 99.7% is quite impressive and high and suggests a willingness to study among citizens.

ESL teachers are still in high demand in language and international schools because of the need for locals to liaise with International companies on business subjects since the economy is solely dependent on refining and marketing Russia's crude.

English is also taught in schools alongside German as a foreign language, hence the demand for ESL teachers with TEFL certificate in Belarus especially those who have a flair for working with children.

Street signs have started to be written in English and locals who speak other languages aside English have begun to see the need to understand this invasive yet helpful language.

Consider getting a TEFL certificate to teach English in Belarus for a rewarding career and enjoy living with Belarusians who are known for being and hospitable and warm.

What are the requirements to teach English in Belarus?

ESL teachers looking to teach English in Belarus must have a Bachelor’s degree and also relevant English teaching qualification like a TEFL certificate which is usually the minimum requirement to teach at any language school in Belarus.

The search for ESL teachers to teach English at international schools in Belarus is on the high side and the requirements at these schools are mostly higher.

ESL Teachers looking for jobs at an international school in Belarus will need an advanced degree in education, teaching qualifications such as TEFL certificate and also relevant teaching experience.

In general, a TEFL certificate is usually the minimal requirement in Belarus and many other countries, so consider getting one if you would love to teach English in a foreign country.

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What type of jobs are available for English teachers in Belarus?

With a TEFL certificate, the opportunities are countless. Certified ESL teachers looking to teach in Belarus will find teaching positions at private language schools or international schools.

The majority of job opportunities are in bigger towns and cities like the capital city Minsk, which is home to most of these international and private language schools.

ESL teachers can also find jobs as private tutors or online tutors in Belarus and be paid generously. A TEFL certificate qualifies you to teach children, teenagers and even adults so the chances of getting to teach in the country is plenty.

What is the salary for English teachers in Belarus?

Salaries and benefits for ESL teaching jobs in international schools and language schools in Belarus vary widely across the schools. ESL teachers can earn about US$1,000 - US$2,000 per month working five days in a week.

Due to the fact that the requirements to teach in a Belarus international school is higher, ESL teachers tend to earn more than their colleges at language schools with lots of benefits and packages like health insurance, free housing or accommodation and transportation.

Can you save money while teaching English in Belarus?

The average cost of living in Minsk is about is much higher than other parts of the country. One can spend between US$400 and US$600 per month and ESL teachers usually earn enough to live a very comfortable life owing to the relatively low cost of living.

Accommodation Options: ESL teachers who want to save money on rent can decide to share a room. The cost for a studio apartment is affordable at about US$250. Regular teachers earn enough to afford this and those who work for an international school you could be entitled to benefits such as free housing.

What type of visa do you need to teach English in Belarus?

ESL teachers in Belarus are required to obtain a valid work visa to teach English in the country.

The documents related to obtaining a visa includes a valid passport which should remain valid for at least 90 days from the date of departure from Belarus, enough funds to sustain the holder usually about EUR20 a day and medical insurance with coverage of up to EUR10,000.

ESL teachers who are US citizens and want to enter Belarus for up to 30 days to seek employment or attend an interview without a visa would need a valid passport for arrival and departure from Belarus through the Minsk International Airport.

In some cases, international schools in Belarus cover the cost and processing of visas for their ESL employees.

Hiring season and process for English teachers in Belarus

Although, the school year in Belarus runs from September to June, ESL teachers can be hired in international and private language schools all year round. However, the peak period for hiring ESL teachers is from September, which is the start of a new school session.

ESL teachers looking to teach English in Belarus should be in the country before work starts and would be better placed for opportunities to teach in Belarus when they are on ground as opposed to applying for an English teaching job online. Most of the teaching jobs in Belarus are gotten through word of mouth and connections.

Fun and travel activities while teaching in Belarus

ESL Teachers in Belarus will find a lot of opportunity to explore the country in their spare time or during the holidays.

There is something for everyone to do especially in the capital, Minsk, there are plenty of historic sites like the Brest-her Fortress used as service camp in World War II.

There are also restaurants, libraries, museums and monuments to visit like the Cat museum, Mound of Glory and the National Museum of Belarus which houses over eight million items.

For lovers of nature, Belarus’s two UNESCO World Heritage Site national parks which is home to Europe’s largest mammal, the European bison, are truly a dream come true.

The country’s forests which is 40% of the country, the rivers, lakes and picturesque villages are perfect for exploring, boating, bird watching and fishing.

Important cities in Belarus

There are five most important cities for ESL teachers mainly Minsk, Vitsyebsk, Hrodna-Grodno, Mahilyow and Homyel.

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