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Brazil is home to over 50% of the Amazon rainforest, world’s best soccer, samba and the most celebrated carnival in the world. Teach English in Brazil and explore the largest country in South America.

Earn a TEFL Certificate in Brazil to teach English in Brazil, and surrounding South American countries, Europe or Asia.

Having a TEFL certificate is most important to teach English in Brazil, especially in thriving cities like Rio de Janeiro where you can find the best teaching offers while exploring colorful architectural structures, cuisines and the Brazilian nightlife.

Brazil is famous for its spectacular features like the over 9, 000 kilometres stretch of beaches, the Amazon River and Rainforest as well as UN heritage sites like Christ the Redeemer structure. However, the most interesting things about Brazil are their colorful carnivals, the sexy Samba dance and most importantly the party loving and friendly people.

Most English teachers in Brazil work for an average of 20 hours a week. This will give them enough free time to explore the country.

A Guide to Teaching English in Brazil

A Guide to Teaching English in Brazil

Are English teachers in demand in Brazil?

With a steadily developing economy and government emphasis on education, there has been a growing demand for English teachers in Brazil with opportunities in private language academies, public schools, businesses, companies and private tutoring.

Businesses and companies commonly organize in-house trainings for their employees to learn and speak English fluently thereby creating lots of opening for ESL teachers in Brazil. These types of English teaching jobs are common in the bigger cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

Most of the ESL teachers in Brazil begin by taking opportunities in the private language schools but once they are settled, they switch to the private tutoring which offers more flexibility.

What are the requirements to teach English in Brazil?

A TEFL certificate is required if you are looking to teach in a competitive job market like Rio de Janeiro. With your TEFL certificate you can find opportunities with international private schools that offer more benefits and a competitive remuneration.

Apart from Rio where you get to enjoy more benefits as an English teacher, most ESL opportunities in Brazil will only require that you speak English fluently and have a degree.

Although Brazil maintains very lenient regulations on its requirements for ESL teachers, qualifications like the TEFL will give you the needed experience and expertise to teach foreign students. It will also expose you to more opportunities and better recommendations for private tutoring.

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What type of jobs are available for English teachers in Brazil?

ESL teachers in Brazil mostly teach children in private language schools, adult students at in-company trainings as well as public schools and tertiary institutions.
If you take an English teaching job with a company, you will be teaching a wide variety of students from absolute beginners who can hardly speak a word of English to advanced learners with more words in their vocabulary.  

At international private language schools, ESL teachers usually teach alongside a local to enhance classroom effectiveness and help in providing English instruction for varying subjects.

English classes in Brazil are very flexible due to the nature of ESL students especially the private students. You should expect to teach students during lunch breaks, after work or early in the mornings before they travel to work.

What is the salary for English teachers in Brazil?

ESL teachers in Brazil earn between US$800 to US$1,500 per month with those in the big cites on the higher side of the scale, with other benefits.

As an ESL teacher in Brazil, you will earn more than most teachers in other South American countries with your TEFL certificate and an English teaching job in the thriving cities like Rio or Sao Paulo.

Some international private schools offer Portuguese language classes to their ESL teachers with various opportunities for in-service training and development. A few schools also offer accommodation relief or allowance but this is not very common.

Can you save money while teaching English in Brazil?

ESL teachers earn a higher salary than those in other South America countries and this goes with a corresponding high cost of living. Average cost of living is about US$1,000 if you choose to work in the big cities like Sao Paula and Rio, and around US$800 in cities like Belo Horizonte and Sao Carlos.

With private teaching opportunities during your free time, you will be able to live comfortably and save while teaching English in Brazil.

Accommodation Options: A bedroom apartment in Brazil may cost up to US$1,000 in the city center and about US$700 in other areas. While some big international private institutions in Brazil may offer accommodation to teachers at a reduced cost, it is common to find ESL teachers in Brazil sharing a room with others to cut down on the amount spent on rent.

What type of visa do you need to teach English in Brazil?

There are strict regulations on getting a work visa to Brazil with excessive cost and bureaucratic processes. Many English teachers in Brazil take up teaching jobs using their tourist visa or even a student visa. Although most schools prefer this method since they will not have to pay tax, it is illegal to work in Brazil on such types of visa.

Work visas are easier to obtain if you get a multi-year contract with international private language schools in Brazil. In this case, your employer will take responsibility and help with all the Bureaucratic procedures involved in obtaining a work visa to Brazil.

Once you are able to secure a contract with a school, the school will apply for a work permit on your behalf from the Ministry of Labor in Brazil. After this is approved, you can go ahead to apply for a wok visa in your country through the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate.

Hiring season and process for English teachers in Brazil

The Brazilian school year usually begins in February therefore the best time to apply would be around early February and by July when there is a break before the start of the rest of the school year.

Although these are the peak hiring seasons, opportunities for ESL teachers in Brazil are open throughout the year especially in the private language schools that do not necessarily follow the semester system.

ESL teachers in Brazil have to apply for jobs and attend interviews in person. In rare cases, you can secure an English teaching job in Brazil through a phone interview or online.

Your best option is to move to Brazil and source for jobs yourself by going to schools, institutions and companies and offering your services. Then once you are settled and become familiar with students, you can get recommended for private tutoring opportunities.

Fun and travel activities while teaching in Brazil

Besides enjoying a fulfilling teaching career in Brazil, ESL teachers also get enough free time to explore the beautiful South American country that is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Brazil will bring out the adventurous side of you with its spectacular sites, exotic cuisines and colorful culture. Take a trip to Rio de Janeiro to have a good view of the massive Christ Redeemer Statue and enjoy an active nightlife in the city afterwards.

The amazon rainforest and river also provides amazing touring activities for lovers of nature and wildlife.

Important cities in Brazil

Important cities in Brazil includes the business hub, Rio de Janeiro, the international city, Sao Paulo and the beach city of Salvador.

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