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The homeland of democracy, western civilisation and the Olympic Games, Greece is not only a great tourist destination but a thriving market for English teaching jobs. Start Teaching English in Greece right after your training.

Get a TEFL certificate to teach English in Greece or explore the several opportunities that exist outside in locations outside the ancient Greek walls.

With your TEFL qualification and the growing teaching opportunities, you stand a great chance of getting high paying English teaching jobs in cities like Athens, Thessaloniki and the Islands of Crete and Corfu.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful lifestyle and friendly people, Greece has a wide variety of mouth-watering cuisines, and amazingly rich artistic culture spread over a beautiful landscape and great tourist destinations where you can have exciting adventures all year round.

A TEFL certificate to teach English in Greece offers you the chance to build a career where you can enjoy the view of the cerulean ocean as you journey to work and live everyday like a tourist.

A Guide to Teaching English in Greece

A Guide to Teaching English in Greece

Are English teachers in demand in Greece?

Despite the economic crisis in the country which has affected the number of jobs available to some extent, there is still a fairly high demand for ESL teachers in Greece all year round.

Greece is a favorite destination for ESL teachers in Europe for a number of reasons including the minimal requirements for obtaining a job as well as the range of salaries and benefits attached to teaching English in the country.

As opposed to most other European countries, a lot of Greek language schools offers ESL teachers free accommodation without any additional cost or deductions in salaries.

There is also the demand for English teachers in the hospitality and tourism community to help officials learn English to communicate better with tourists and a preference for native English speakers and TEFL certificate holders.

With over 6,000 language institutes in Greece and concentration of English teaching jobs in both mainland and Island areas, there are enough opportunities for English teachers with TEFL certificates seeking to settle in Greece.

What are the requirements to teach English in Greece?

ESL teachers will require an internationally recognized TEFL certificate, a degree and sometimes previous experience to get higher paying job offers in Greece.

Although the TEFL requirement is not a compulsory and you may get an English teaching job in Greece with a degree irrespective of your course of study, a TEFL certificate gives you better chances for ESL jobs than just a degree.

Most of the big international schools in Greece give preference to ESL teachers with a TEFL certification, and these are often accompanied with bigger remunerations and benefits.

You may also need to get familiar with the English teaching system in the country especially the Cambridge and Kratiko curriculum which are the two major examinations that ESL students in Greece prepare for.

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What type of jobs are available for English teachers in Greece?

The most common job types for ESL teachers in Greece are found in the Frontisterias, the national grid of Greece private schools and summer camps during the summer holidays.

SL jobs are found online in the private tutoring niche as well as Centers for Foreign Languages commonly referred to as Kendra Xenon Glosson. These Centers are popular in the Greek rural areas like the small towns and villages.

Types of ESL students in Greece include public and private school children, students and business professionals who need English language to communicate better with international clients.

What is the salary for English teachers in Greece?

English teachers with TEFL qualifications get more lucrative teaching offers in Greece and earn enough to live a comfortable life and break even.

ESL teachers in Greece earn between US$ 900 - US$ 1,200 monthly working an average of 25 - 30 hours per week including time for lesson preparations.

Some of the popular benefits for teachers in Greece include accommodation benefits and holidays.

Can you save money while teaching English in Greece?

Cost of living in Greece is fairly moderate and the country can be regarded as one of the EU countries with lowest cost of living. The average cost of living for English teachers in Greece is from $900 which is about the same as the average salary making it a break even situation.

However, your budget size as well as the part of Greece you choose to live in will affect your monthly spending and you may be able to save if you take on private teaching offers which is common amongst ESL teachers in Greece.

Cities like Athens, Heraklion and Thessaloniki have the highest cost of living in Greece with lower cost in areas like Katerini.

Accommodation Options: Your rent takes up a big part of your cost of living in Greece. For a one bedroom apartment, the average rent per month is about $400 dollars in the big cities and about $350 away from the big cities other areas.

You may cut down on accommodation cost by sharing apartments with other ESL teachers or expats.

What type of visa do you need to teach English in Greece?

ESL teachers who are national of EU countries need no visa to travel or teach English in Greece however, a work visa is required for non-EU nationals.

To obtain a work visa or permit in Greece, your employer is expected to first file the application in Greece with evidence to show that a local cannot be given same position.

After this, you will be required to make a certain deposit and submit necessary documents including your job offer letter as well as copies of their TEFL and degree certificate.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to the Embassy for a visa interview after which your visa will be issued and you can proceed to travel and teach legally in Greece.  

Hiring season and process for English teachers in Greece

Language schools in Greece follow a regulated teaching calendar which is from September to June. As a result, the best times to apply for English teaching jobs in Greece is during the springtime when schools will be set to employ new teachers for the coming session.

It is not advisable to apply for ESL jobs in Greece during breaks as the Greeks are very unlikely to respond to mails while they enjoy their holiday.

Similar to most other ESL destinations, English teachers in Greece will be required to undergo an interview before getting hired. This is mostly conducted in person with a few exceptions over the phone or by email.

To get private tutoring opportunities, you need to do personal advertising (word of mouth) and seek students who may need your services.

Fun and travel activities while teaching in Greece

One of the best places to visit in Greece is Athens if you do not already work there. Athens is home to a number of world tourist attraction spots the most popular of which is the Acropolis. Beside the Acropolis, one of the world’s most thrilling ancient ruins, there is also the Peloponnese where you can find the Olympieion and the Temple of the Olympian Zeus.

There are also very interesting museums that preserve the beautiful ancient artefacts that represent the history of the Greeks. The Byzantine museum with its rich artefacts from the Byzantine period and the National Archaeology Museum which is the largest in Greece are some of the most visited spots in the country.

Fun things to do in Greece incudes visiting the seaside city of Piraeus. This will be best during the holiday for a relaxing time at the along the charming sea sides taverns of Microlimano.

You can also climb to the top pf the Lycabettus Hill which is about 300 meters above sea level and offers some coolness and an escape from the heat of Athens.

Important cities in Greece

Thessaloniki, Athens, Larissa and the islands of Corfu and Crete are the most important cities for ESL teachers in Greece.

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