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From the Colosseum to the valley of Temples, Italy has some of the most mesmerising structures in the world. It also has a very beautiful climate, and is home to amazing English teaching opportunities. Teach English in Italy for unforgettable travel and teaching experience.

Getting a TEFL certificate to teach English in Italy is a great option for teachers willing to travel and work in Europe.

Italy is a perfect destination for working, living and vacationing and teachers can build a comfortable lifestyle while touring some of the most beautiful tourist destinations. Italy has more than 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites including the Colosseum, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, the Patriarchal Basilica of Aquileia and the floating city of Venice.

As a top destination for ESL teachers and a major European commercial center, Italy offers teachers lots of opportunities to gain experience and build a solid career.

Earn a TEFL certificate to teach in Italy, work a few hours a week and spend the rest of your time experiencing the electric cities of Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and other exquisitely beautiful cities in Europe.


A Guide to Teaching English in Italy

A Guide to Teaching English in Italy

Are English teachers in demand in Italy?

There are fantastic prospects for English teachers in Italy as the ESL job market is always expanding with a growing demand for TEFL certified teachers.

Business English and private tutoring provide ESL teachers a lot of opportunities as the locals are constantly in search of ways to increase their market value through skills like proficiency in English Language.

Although a teaching job in Italy would not necessarily make you the richest person in the country and the ESL job market is quite competitive, there are opportunities for teachers with a TEFL certificate to earn and live comfortably even in the expensive Italian cities. The major attractions for ESL teachers are in Rome, Milan and Naples where you will find most of the high paying teaching opportunities.

For a chance to make extra income, most ESL teachers in Italy take private tutoring classes for individuals or groups of students at a reduced rate.

What are the requirements to teach English in Italy?

To teach English in Italy, your internationally recognized TEFL certification is more essential than any other qualification. The teaching job market is competitive and you will stand out with the TEFL qualification.

Having a TEFL /TESOL certificate gives you a chance to establish yourself as an ESL teacher and easily build a career in Italy especially with additional qualifications as a degree and experience.

While most schools will not necessarily demand a degree, it is important to have one as it helps increase your chances of finding jobs locally.

What type of jobs are available for English teachers in Italy?

There is a fair variety of teaching jobs for ESL teachers in Italy. The most popular job types are found in the private language schools, English language summer camps and private teaching classes.

English language is a very valuable skill amongst locals seeking a job in Italy and so it is common to find lots of Business English students seeking the services of ESL teachers to better their job prospects. You may save time and earn more by organising a group of students to teach all at once and offering them some discount.  

Usually, as an ESL teacher in Italy, you should expect to teach a different kinds of students from business professionals to private students as well as children in summer camps. Generally, English students in Italy are open to learning and easy to teach.

What is the salary for English teachers in Italy?

Although you cannot expect to become the richest individual in the country on your ESL salary in Italy, a comfortable lifestyle and some active social life is plausible.

ESL teachers with TEFL qualifications can earn between 1,000 to 1,900 euros per month teaching English in Italy with the major determinants being your qualification and the city you settle.

The salary rate is higher in cities like Milan and for teachers with qualifications such as the TEFL and a degree. If you decide to stay in smaller cities like Naples, you will most likely earn lower but also incur a lesser cost of living.

An additional job taking private tutoring classes can fetch you between 10 - 25 euros per hour and this should be enough to help you break even or save.

Can you save money while teaching English in Italy?

It’s no doubt Italy is one of the best places to live in in Europe with its friendly people and electric cities. However, the country is often perceived as an expensive place to live although in reality, your cost of living as an English teacher in Italy is largely dependent on your lifestyle, budget and where you choose to live.

This means your monthly cost of living will be about 1, 000 euros monthly if you live in the big cities and just about 800 in areas away from the city centers and tourists hotspots.

Accommodation Options: Italians are very friendly and kind people and so it is easy to find an apartment with the help of the locals or even find people willing to share.

A typical one room apartment in Italy costs about 600 euros in big cities and as low as 300 euros in other areas.

It is important to note that the areas with very low accommodation costs also offer very low salaries most of the time and as such, most of the ESL teachers choose the big cities where they take private lessons to augment their salaries.

What type of visa do you need to teach English in Italy?

It is important to have a work visa to enable ESL teachers teach English in Egypt. However, due to the bureaucracy in Italy that makes it difficult to obtain a work visa especially for non EU citizens, very few employers will be willing to take responsibility for a teacher’s visa.

In reality, you will not find many English teachers who hold a work visa in Italy because of the long processes and high probability of being denied.

An easier option which most ESL teachers explore is to obtain a student visa and work in Italy while taking a course in a college or University. On the student visa, you can work as much as 20 hours a week which is just 5 hours less than a regular teacher will work and you can also combine it with private tutoring.

Hiring season and process for English teachers in Italy

ESL jobs are not readily available all year round in Italy as the schools have hiring season and teachers are not likely to be hired mid-session. The peak hiring period in Italy is between September and October and then in January.

The hiring process in Italy gives teachers an opportunity to visit the country and explore some of the famous tourist attraction sites or even get familiar with the city you intend to live in.

For most of the English teaching jobs in Italy, you will be required to attend the interview in person and begin the job as soon as you are hired.

Fun and travel activities while teaching in Italy

Italy is one of the most fantastic places to be for ESL teachers due its bubbly lifestyle, ancient sites and beautiful architecture. As an English teacher in Italy you get to live in the country and enjoy the amazing adventures longer than any tourists can dream.

You can savor the tasty cuisines, experience the culture, and enjoy the climate for as long as you reside in the Italy and you do not necessarily need to travel for vacation as Italy has some of the most amazing vacation destinations in the world.

The list of fun things to do and places to go in Italy is unending so prepare to fall in love with the country for a lifetime. If you start in Rome, you can begin by visiting the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, Vatican Museum and the Pantheon. Moving to Florence, a great adventure will be to climb the Duomo, take a tour of the Uffizi Gallery and see Michelangelo’s famous David.

The hill towns of Tuscany are also a must see, with their scenic and picturesque views that would leave you with lasting memories. See the Lake Como, Saint Mark’s Basilica, the canals in Venice and so much more.

Important cities in Italy

The main cities for ESL teachers in Italy are Milan, Rome, Naples and Turin.

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