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Overflowing with history, humor, and hospitable people, Lebanon represents a significant vacation destination with its beautiful natural scenery, Roman ruins and stunning capital, Beirut. Teach English in Lebanon, the “Switzerland of the East,” and one of the most liberal Arab countries.

Earn a TEFL certificate in Lebanon to launch into a fulfilling teaching career and explore the beauty of the Mediterranean.

The highest number of English teaching opportunities in Lebanon are found in the major cities like Beirut, Sidon, Jounieh, Tripoli, Tyre, and Byblos. Although the market for ESL teachers may be smaller compared to some other countries, an internationally recognized TEFL certificate in Lebanon will expose you to more opportunities where you can live your dreams as an ESL teacher.

The exotic cuisines, enthralling music scene, and international films and festivals will cushion your stay and serve you exciting memories while you teach English in Lebanon. You will enjoy the diversity of culture and find beautiful Roman ruins like the Temple of Bacchus and the famous Baalbek Ruins to explore.

TEFL Courses in Lebanon

A Guide to Teaching English in Lebanon

A Guide to Teaching English in Lebanon

Are English teachers in demand in Lebanon?

Lebanon TEFL market is small, and most of the English teaching opportunities are found in major cities, especially the country capital, Beirut. There is a high level of competition within the market, but you will easily find vacancies with a TEFL certification and a degree.

Due to the steadily rising international status of the country after its long stretch of war, the English teaching market is also gaining firmness, and there is a demand for business English teachers. Schools also teach most of their subjects in either English or French.

Teaching opportunities in Lebanon are not easily found online or on TEFL forums, but visiting schools personally is highly beneficial.

What are the requirements to teach English in Lebanon?

A TEFL certificate is highly essential to teach English in Lebanon and explore beneficial offers. Although ESL teachers are not required to have a degree to teach English in the country, it is strongly preferred by employers and will give you an edge when combined with your TEFL certificate.

No experience is required to teach English in Lebanon, and this makes it very suitable for beginner teachers. However, once you have gained some teaching experience, you can leverage this to negotiate better offers as it is taken into account. ESL teachers looking to be employed in international schools in Lebanon are usually required to have about two years’ experience.

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What type of jobs are available for English teachers in Lebanon?

English teachers in Lebanon can find openings in local private language schools, language centers, elementary schools, international schools, universities, private tutoring, and Non-governmental organizations across the country.

Teaching requirements differ, and pay also varies between institutions. Most ESL students in Lebanon are children in elementary schools, adults in universities and language centers, migrants, and international students.

You may also teach English to professionals and business people from all over the world or teach refugees as a volunteer at NGOs.

What is the salary for English teachers in Lebanon?

Salaries for ESL teachers in Lebanon are not among the highest, though with a conservative budget and extra earning from private tutoring, you can live comfortably as an English teacher in the country.

Average salary is usually between 900 USD and 1,500 USD (less than a thousand pounds), but with a TEFL certificate and a degree, you stand better chances of earning on a higher scale.

The typical contract length for English teaching jobs in Lebanon is between 6 to 12 months, and there are no significant benefits except that schools may help in finding accommodation (this does not mean that they will pay for it).

Can you save money while teaching English in Lebanon?

The cost of living in Lebanon is not much different from the salary, and so ESL teachers may need to get more private jobs to earn extra and also to be able to save.

You may also avoid eating in high-class restaurants, especially in Beirut, as these are more expensive. Shop locally, eat homemade meals, and consider sharing accommodation to reduce your expenses and increase savings. Usually, as an ESL teacher in Lebanon, you are most likely only able to break even.

Accommodation Options: Accommodation accounts for a large percentage of your cost of living in Lebanon, and it is hard to find schools that will compensate for accommodation. You can reduce accommodation costs by sharing housing with other teachers within your area.

The cost of accommodation in the capital city, Beirut, is about USD 850 within the town and USD 450 outside the city center.

What type of visa do you need to teach English in Lebanon?

ESL teachers need a visa to work or live in Lebanon. Though it is possible to visit the country on a tourist visa to look for jobs and attend interviews. Once you land a job, you may then convert your tourist visa to a work visa to be able to teach and earn.

Some Lebanese schools or employers will help with obtaining a work visa either by sponsoring or assisting with processing. Still, usually, you will be expected to cover your travel expenses if you are applying from outside the country. You should contact the Lebanese Visa Bureau to determine the documents you need to obtain a visa.

Hiring season and process for English teachers in Lebanon

You will find teaching opportunities in Lebanon all through the year. The peak hiring period is from March to May for schools opening in September. ESL teachers are expected to be in the country to apply for jobs physically because Lebanese schools are less likely to employ teachers who are not already in the country.

Typically, you will have to undergo an interview before you are taken for a teaching job in Lebanon. Interviews are conducted face to face since you will most likely visit schools physically to seek employment. There are very few opportunities to interview online or in advance before you are in the country.

During interviews or job applications, present all your qualifications (especially your degree and TEFL certificate) and add your teaching experience, if any.

Fun and travel activities while teaching in Lebanon

ESL teachers not attracted to Lebanon by the salary will most likely be fascinated by the beautiful scenery, parties, music, food, friendly people, and adventurous activities the country has to offer. Although a small Mediterranean country, Lebanese is a foremost Arab country in terms of art, fashion, history, and festivals.

The numerous Roman architectural ruins provide a great experience. Get enchanted in the history of the Lebanese people at the Temple of Bacchus, also known as the most decorated and best-preserved Roman temple. The Roman Ruins of Baalbek is another fascinating spot and one of the major architectural structures of the Middle East. You can also visit the Old Souks in Jbeil and Main Square.

If you are looking to party, then you should visit some of the best party places in Lebanon for an unforgettable partying experience. The Garten, Iris, and Yukunkun are some of the liveliest spots with nightclubs and beautiful concerts.

Important cities in Lebanon

Most important cities to find ESL jobs in Lebanon are Beirut, Byblos, Jounieh, Tripoli, Tyre and Sidon.

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