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Legend has it that New Zealand was lifted out of the sea by a demigod Maui. The amazing country is a bastion of Mountains, Glaciers, Vineyards and beaches. Teach English in New Zealand, the land of the ‘Kiwis’ and explore the country’s stunning beauty and culture.

Get a TEFL certificate to teach English in New Zealand and begin an incredible career with a decent salary in one of the most reputable markets for ESL teachers in the world.

Teaching English in New Zealand gives you an opportunity to enjoy the best of the Maori culture and a host of interesting monuments.

You will find pleasure in Zealand’s natural landscape, beautiful scenery and fascinating sports. You can engage in bungee jumping, mountain climbing, hiking, skydiving and even whale watching.

For more relaxed adventures,  you can take a tour of Queensland, New Zealand’s ‘adventure capital’ to explore the scenic landscapes and eat at the best restaurants in the country.

There is also the Cathedral Cove, Abel Tasman National Park and Milford Sound for a view of stunning cliffs, cascading waterfalls and breath taking landscape.

A TEFL certificate to teach English in New Zealand gives you the chance to build experience and enjoy an exciting lifestyle full of adventure.

A Guide to Teaching English in New Zealand

A Guide to Teaching English in New Zealand

Are English teachers in demand in New Zealand?

New Zealand is known to have one of the best educational systems in the world with repeated top rankings on a world scale and millions of English Language students across the country.

Coupled with its improving economic development and an increased interest for English language learning amongst the numerous Asian learners in the country, New Zealand has grown a well-developed market for ESL teachers. There are a few private schools and summer camps for Asian schoolchildren with demand for ESL teachers with TEFL certificate.

The largest demands for ESL teachers in New Zealand can be found in the big cities like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and the majority of ESL teachers in the country are from the USA, England, Australia, Ireland and Canada.

There is also the availability of several online teaching vacancies and private tutoring among Chinese ESL students.

What are the requirements to teach English in New Zealand?

An internationally recognized TEFL certificate, a Bachelor’s degree and teaching experience is required to teach English in New Zealand.  

To get a teaching position in public schools, non-native speakers may be required to pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination with a minimum score of 7 while the TEFL certificate and a degree are added advantages.

For Government sponsored program like the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program, teachers must be willing to undergo a 4 month course abroad and possess a bachelor’s degree.

It is also important to know that teachers will need to be registered and certified in New Zealand Teacher’s Council to be able to teach. This means that you may be required to undertake an International Qualifications Assessment if your certificates are nor exempt from being assessed by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA).

What type of jobs are available for English teachers in New Zealand?

The market for ESL teachers in New Zealand is varied and there is a broad range of options for teachers with TEFL certificate to choose from.

The types of language schools in New Zealand include the State schools which are purely funded by the government and the state integrated schools, which are previously private owned but are now integrated into state schools and run by different religious bodies.

There are also the private schools which are very few and have only a small percentage of the ESL student population in the country and teachers can also engage in private tutoring.

Some common programs where teachers can get opportunities include the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program which is government sponsored and the Colorado International Teacher’s Exchange league.

Most ESL students in New Zealand are children, adults and foreigners especially Asians.

What is the salary for English teachers in New Zealand?

ESL teachers in New Zealand can earn up to USD3,000 per month depending on qualifications, experience and school type.

With a TEFL certificate, you may find opportunities with schools that pay between USD1,900 to USD3,000 per month.

Teachers can supplement their earnings by taking private tutoring opportunities and which pays close to USD20 per hour depending on the teacher’s level of experience and qualifications.

Majority of New Zealand language schools do not offer lots of benefits although a few private schools may provide accommodation.

Can you save money while teaching English in New Zealand?

The cost of living for ESL teachers in New Zealand is high but not as high compared to its neighboring countries especially Australia.

Besides, the competitive salary affords English teachers a very comfortable lifestyle with ability save a significant amount especially with additional income from private tutoring.

The cost of living varies based on the city you choose to live in with a range of USD1, 200 to USD1, 700 a month.

Accommodation Options: A number of New Zealand language schools offer accommodation to ESL teachers by placing them with host families. However, this only lasts for a short while and teachers may need to find their own accommodation.

A furnished studio apartment in New Zealand costs between USD900 and USD1,300 depending on the closeness to the city center and teachers usually share accommodation so they can split rent.

What type of visa do you need to teach English in New Zealand?

A valid work visa is required to teach English Language legally in New Zealand. Usually, obtaining this kind of visa is easier for teachers whose skills have been listed in the New Zealand Immigration shortage list. In this case, you will most likely get a job before your arrival in the country and your employers might sponsor your visa.

Most teachers on the other hand, prefer to obtain the holiday working visa that qualifies them to travel into the country and begin their job search on arrival.

The working holiday visa is available to citizens of US and Canada and other countries with such agreement with New Zealand.

The visa allows teachers from these countries to enter into New Zealand and work for about 12 to 23 months and applicants will have to pass certain medical tests before approval.

Hiring season and process for English teachers in New Zealand

Peak hiring seasons in New Zealand is between November and December since the school year typically runs from February to December.  

Most public schools begin to hire ESL teachers in January in preparation for the new school year.

Recruitment of ESL teachers in New Zealand is highly influenced by the level of experience, certificate and degree. Also, teachers are expected to show a reasonable level of interest in the Maori culture to increase their chances of being hired.

Teachers have to undergo an interview in person as the Kiwis value physical conversation and first impressions.

Fun and travel activities while teaching in New Zealand

There are several places to visit in New Zealand and numerous fun activities to engage in. However, the most popular and breath-taking destinations include the Muriwai Beach in Auckland which is famous for its massive sand dunes and colorful array of birds flying just right above.

The Surf town of Piha is another exciting place to visit especially during the holidays when you need to relax from the hustle of work.

Then there is the Great Barrier Island which is not as popular but very thrilling with white sand beaches, natural hot springs and waterfalls. Be sure to smile and say hello to the locals as you explore the amazing Island.

You can also visit the Takapuna Beach, the Cathedral Cove which is a tourist hotspot in New Zealand and then Russell with its old historic buildings and incredible landscape.

Ultimately, there is the Milford Sound which is a must visit. There you will find the most beautiful landscape in New Zealand with stunning cascading waterfalls, huge mountains and even more thrilling is the presence of Dolphins.

Important cities in New Zealand

Most important cities to teach in New Zealand include Auckland, Queenstown, Wellington and Christchurch.

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