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Teach English in Peru: Peru’s colorful landscapes, lush forests and high mountains are some of the most endearing features of the country. The picturesque beaches and exotic beaches are added advantages that attract ESL teachers to this scenic South American Country.

Earn a TEFL certificate to teach English in Lima, Peru’s capital city and one of the favorite destinations for ESL teachers in the country.

Teaching English in Peru is an opportunity to gain some work experience, learn Spanish and make money while exploring several historic sites. From the headwaters of the Amazon to the mystical ruins of Macchu Pichu and the great Incan empire, Peru’s historical and cultural offerings are miles ahead of any other.

Lima, the capital city of Peru is one of the quickest developing economies and has evolved into one of the largest job markets for ESL teachers in South America.

With a TEFL certification and the growing opportunities for ESL teachers in cities like Lima and Cusco, taking an English job in Peru exposes you to the warmth and friendliness its people are known for.

TEFL Courses in Peru

A Guide to Teaching English in Peru

A Guide to Teaching English in Peru

Are English teachers in demand in Peru?

Peru has one of the largest markets for ESL teachers in South America. Teaching offers spread across the cities and also within small villages as far as the Andes Mountains. With tourism being the backbone of the Peruvian economy, English-speaking allows locals secure higher paying jobs in the tourism industry and also opens doors to securing higher education opportunities.

Many Peruvians live in the villages and would jump at any chance to learn and practice English with an ESL teacher, a language skill that could put them in the best position to relate businesses with international visitors.

Volunteer teaching is also one of the most popular ways of teaching in Peru as it affords the less privileged an opportunity to learn English language since about one-third of the population in Peru live below the poverty line.

In addition to getting great teaching opportunities, Peru offers training sessions and programs for ESL teachers and is a great haven for ESL teachers looking to gain experience or seeking professional development.

What are the requirements to teach English in Peru?

A TEFL certificate is important to get the better paid teaching opportunities in Peru. If you choose to teach in a language institute where you have mostly business professionals as your students, a Bachelor’s degree is required alongside your TEFL certificate.

However, for the International schools, a TEFL certificate, a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree along with relevant training and teaching experience are the main requirements and teachers are also expected to hold a teaching license from their home country.

ESL teachers in Peru who opt for volunteer teaching jobs do not have to meet lots of requirements, native-English fluency and an enthusiasm for the job is all that is needed and you will most likely be working with children and youths.

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What type of jobs are available for English teachers in Peru?

Lots of teaching opportunities abound for ESL teachers in the tourism-driven economy of Peru and these opportunities include private language schools, International schools as well as volunteer teaching jobs.

A huge proportion of ESL teachers take volunteer teaching classes in little villages via different volunteer organizations. Some of these organizations work with the local communities to help provide better resources for volunteers (ESL teachers) with a stipend that covers feeding, housing and in-country support.

However, for well-paid English teaching jobs that transcend beyond just stipends, private language schools in big cities such as Lima, Arequipa and Trujilo where a number of North American and British American language schools operate, might be your best bet.

You will spend your time teaching adults and business people and would most likely have your lectures scheduled for morning and evening hours.

Another option most ESL teachers in Peru is the private tutoring opportunities, although, these are rare and only common in the big cities.

What is the salary for English teachers in Peru?

ESL teachers in Peru can earn between US$500 and US$700 a month depending on the city. In expensive cities like Lima, you will most likely earn about US$700 per month.

Private International schools offer higher salary rates along with numerous attractive benefits but are biased in favour of teachers with lots of teaching experience.

The accrued benefits include health insurance, accommodation allowance and transportation.

Can you save money while teaching English in Peru?

The cost of living in Peru is just about the same as the average salary rate in the big cities.

Smaller cities and communities like Quechua and Aymara however have a lower cost of living and ESL teachers can take advantage of that to save.

ESL teachers can live very comfortably if they live like locals and reduce traveling to the barest minimum.

Accommodation Options: Accommodation costs are quite heavy on ESL teachers in big cities but volunteer placement organizations and some  International schools provide their employees housing with host families.

Generally, accommodation in tourist communities and big cities such as Lima and Miraflores cost more than other areas like San Borja.

In a city like Lima, rent for a one bedroom apartment is about US$650 - more expensive than Mexico City and Bogota - but most ESL teachers share apartments to reduce the cost burden.

What type of visa do you need to teach English in Peru?

ESL teachers in Peru are required to obtain a visa to be able to teach legally in Peru. This is usually referred to as a “Permission to sign a Contract” and is issued by the government.

A lot of ESL teachers in Peru work under the table on a tourist visa which is only valid for about 183 days because of the difficulty in obtaining a work visa.

Although it is common practice for ESL teachers to teach using this tourist visa, it is illegal and has its potential consequences. For instance, you will not be liable to medical insurance and you will be paid under the table without taxes adding to your list of offense.

In addition, if your employer refuses to pay, then you will not be able to file a complaint since you aren’t even allowed to work in the country without a work visa in the first place.

However, if you have been offered employment prior to arrival in Peru, you can apply for a business visa.

Most International schools help ESL teachers gainfully employed under their establishment through the rigors of obtaining a business visa and ESL teachers must ensure that their certificates have been notarised at a Peruvian embassy or consulate.

Hiring season and process for English teachers in Peru

The major hiring periods for ESL teachers in Peru is between December and March (summer holiday) although jobs with volunteer organizations and language institutes are open all year round. However, the peak hiring period for universities is in January.

While some language schools in Peru interview in advance over mails and phone calls, some others prefer to organize interviews for their prospective employees in person.

ESL teachers can also hand out their resumes to schools for consideration when they arrive in Peru.

Fun and travel activities while teaching in Peru

Peru parades a lot of historic sites and fun places to visit. Teachers typically work between 20-30 hours a week and as a result have plenty of time to spend for adventurous travels and mixing with the Peruvian people while learning a thing or two about their fascinating culture.

Peru offers more than just a breathtakingly scenery and ancient history.  The country also has a beautiful colonial architectural setting and delicious cuisines.

You will find local restaurants serving variety of traditional delicacies especially the seafood dish known as ‘ceviche’. You might also want to try the ‘Pisco’ - a locally made fermented grape juice - while hiking down Peru’s most dramatic falls in Cocachimba.

For adventures, you should explore the ancient Inca sites where you have some cities like Cusco. You can hike through the Inca trail which is popularly known as one of the most famous trails in the world.

Other places to visit in Peru include the traditional market in Pisac or Peru’s largest collection of Chachapoya mummies in Museo Leymebamb.

Important cities in Peru

The highest paid teaching jobs are found in cities like Lima, Arequipa, Trujilo and Cusco while Quechua and Aymara offer volunteer teaching jobs.

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