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Teach English in Romania: One of the world’s most beautiful, constantly developing and friendly nation, Romania has cities established as the key center for culture in Europe, an immaculate countryside that maintains a wonderful feeling of old-world romance and is an attractive destination for ESL teachers.

Get an internationally recognized TEFL certificate in Romania to qualify as an English teacher in a country set apart with great beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Romania, the national capital of Bucharest, is located in the European country, southeastern region. Amazing beauty, unique culture and scenic natural atmosphere are the best attributes which captures the very essence of Romania and the country possesses one of the most distinctive travel experience just waiting to be discovered.

ESL teachers can explore Romania’s several architectural treasures and sites, its flourishing and vibrant sceneries. There is the Decebalus sculpture which is one of the tallest relief in Europe and the Painted Monasteries of Bukovina. You can also catch a train to the Danube River or visit the tallest wooden church in the world at Sapanta Peri.

With all its attractive features, ESL teachers with TEFL certificate in Romania are sure to enjoy a life of comfort and ease as well as a beautiful and satisfying career.

TEFL Courses in Romania

A Guide to Teaching English in Romania

A Guide to Teaching English in Romania

Are English teachers in demand in Romania?

Romania offers ESL certified teachers the opportunity of teaching in public schools and Romania private international schools across the country despite the high competition amongst teachers from the EU.

Romania has mild regulations for ESL teachers and to be eligible for a teaching job in the country, individuals are expected to hold a TEFL certificate and earlier experience and this alone could keep you at the top of the list in the country’s ESL job market. Qualified TEFL English teachers take up teaching jobs at private language centers and render their services as private tutors to the locals.

Although benefits may be uncommon, Romanian language schools offer a very reasonable salary enough for ESL teachers to live comfortably and afford a few fun trips during the holidays.

What are the requirements to teach English in Romania?

It is easy to find an English teaching job in Romania with a recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate and a teaching credential from your home state or country.

To become an English teacher, it is a great advantage to possess a degree as well as some teaching experience although these are not compulsory requirements.

Freshly qualified teachers with a TEFL certificate and no experience can still find openings in several Romania top schools such as public schools, private language centers, and private international schools alongside tangible monthly payment as salary.

However, teaching English at a University will require higher qualifications like a Master’s degree as well as teaching experience and a TEFL certificate will be of great benefit.

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What type of jobs are available for English teachers in Romania?

Institutions such as private schools, public international school, universities, and private language centers provide the types of the teaching jobs available for verified TEFL certificate holders in Romania.

ESL teachers employed in international schools are concentrated in the capital city of Bucharest and Lasi, where there is high student population in the universities and a youthful and fresh atmosphere conducive for foreign teachers.

ESL teachers in Romania should expect to teach a wide range of students from public school students to business professionals.

What is the salary for English teachers in Romania?

Qualified ESL English teachers in Romania work for about 20 to 30 hours weekly and may be paid per hour.

TEFL English teachers can make around $600 - $1,000 USD and despite the modest salary rate paid, the low cost of living makes life in Romania comfortable and teachers are able to break even.

Can you save money while teaching English in Romania?

The cost of living in Romania is quite affordable compared to other cities such as Hungary and the Czech Republic. In the capital city of Bucharest, the cost of living is higher than other cities.

On the average, teachers can spend between $500- $800 per month depending on the location and individual lifestyle.

Accommodation Options: Only a few language schools in Romania will provide accommodation for TEFL teachers hence the need to find include rent in your budget. Usually, teachers would be expected to source for their housing, most especially in apartments earlier occupied by other teachers.

The cost of accommodation in Bucharest is about $450 while in other areas, one may find a bedroom apartment as low as $250 per months.

Usually apartment sharing is common amongst teachers especially in Bucharest so teachers can reduce amount spent on rent.

What type of visa do you need to teach English in Romania?

ESL teachers in Romania are expected to obtain a work visa to commence teaching in the country legally. EU citizenship is usually more preferred for teachers applying for ESL jobs in Romania. However, it is possible for citizens of other countries to acquire teaching jobs and also get work visas to the country.

For qualified TEFL teachers from non EU countries, applicants are expected to synergize with their employers (the language schools) in order to complete the procedure of visa application in which a visa package containing certain required documents will be submitted to the visa section of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These include a letter of employment offer, a valid passport and copies of certificates.

In the process of applying for a work permit in Romania, employers are expected to prove that ESL teachers have the experience and qualification by providing relevant documents. Typically, the entire process of applying for a work permit in Romania takes only a few weeks.

Hiring season and process for English teachers in Romania

In Romania, schools hiring seasons commences in September, while the second hiring round starts in January every year. For certified ESL teachers with TEFL certificates, contracts usually terminate in June, when both teachers and students enjoy a long relaxing summer vacation.

ESL English teachers can apply for teaching positions by taking an interview in person as well as over the phone in advance with the employer. There is a better chance to get hired by taking the interview in person and getting prepared beforehand is important.

Fun and travel activities while teaching in Romania

Romania is indeed blessed with beautiful sceneries in not just the cities but also nature itself. There are numerous fun outdoor activities to enjoy especially since a lot of ESL teachers will be living and working in Bucharest, the capital city and location of many fun activities.

Teachers can visit the mud volcanoes located at Buzau, this activity is open to passionate individuals with love for nature. Another adventure to take up is to visit the Decebalus sculpture, of the last king of Dacia located just around the border of Romania and one of the tallest relief in Europe.

Other places to explore include the Painted Monasteries of Bukovina, the merry cemetery of Sapanta, ride the steam train right through Oravita-Anina as well as the medieval castle and fortress especially the Dracula castle in Transylvania with amazing mountains of snowy caps.

Important cities in Romania

Several ESL teachers are concentrated in Bucharest, the biggest city in Romania. Other important cities include Constanta, Lasi, Cluj-Napoca, and Timisoara.

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