TEFL Course in Czech Republic

Situated in the heart of Central Europe as a gateway between western and eastern European cultures, Czech Republic is a charming country dotted with picturesque red roofs, cobblestone streets, breweries and an extravagantly beautiful cultural hub for ESL teachers to Teach English in Czech.

This landlocked country is home to grand architecture, beer gardens, and 12 UNESCO heritage sites. The Nation's capital, Prague, is famed for its historical center, where you can walk across the Charles Bridge and see the Astronomical clock.

If you want to teach English as a second language in the Czech Republic, you need to obtain an internationally recognized TEFL certification and a bachelor's degree.

You can earn up to USD2,000 monthly teaching English in Prague and other major cities with these qualifications.

ESL teachers in the Czech Republic enjoy enough holidays to tour the country and enjoy a great social life. You can pay a visit to Bohemian Paradise, known for castles and rock formations, or take a selfie for your loved ones back home at the John Lennon wall.

The wall is filled with graffiti and lyrics from oldies by the Beatles. Take a Prague river cruise for the love of turquoise waters or settle for a contrasting view of the country on your visit to the world's second ugliest building, the Zizkov TV tower.

Get a TEFL certificate to teach English in the Czech Republic and explore the beer lovers' paradise and savory cuisines.

A Guide to Teaching English in Czech Republic

A Guide to Teaching English in Czech Republic

Are English teachers in demand in the Czech Republic?

The demand for English teachers in the Czech Republic is high, so there are no issues finding job opportunities even if you have no teaching experience. Czech Republic has one of the top job markets for ESL teachers in Europe, with a growing economy and an increasing need for residents to speak English.

Demand for English teachers has also been aided by the country's recent admittance to the European Union. The Czech Republic has become an important business and investment zone with foreign traders entering the country from western and eastern European countries. Thus, creating a need for local business people to learn business English.

Despite the Czech Republic hosting several English-speaking tourists, private language academies, and public schools, the country still needs English teachers. However, there is a special preference for native speakers.

With a growing economy allowing room for tourism and international companies, many businesses and companies need ESL teachers with a strong command of business English vocabulary. English teachers are in demand to take business and company staff through rudimentary English to aid foreign trade.

What qualifications do you need to teach English in the Czech Republic?

To teach English in the Czech Republic, you need a degree and a TEFL certification. A TEFL certificate is key to landing the best ESL teaching positions in the Czech Republic since schools would offer a higher salary to ESL teachers with a TEFL certification than those without such certificates.

If you choose to teach in a public school, you would be required to have obtained a Bachelor's degree in English or any other related field. However, a TEFL certificate qualifies you to teach English in the Czech Republic regardless of your course.

If you opt for teaching positions in a private language school, you will need a TEFL certification plus flexibility and a willingness to teach in various places across the country. It is important to note that some schools require ESL teachers to have an EU citizenship or Czech business license.

What type of jobs are available for English teachers in the Czech Republic?

ESL teachers with TEFL certificates in the Czech Republic could get jobs in private language schools, public schools, and private international schools. Teachers could also take up private tutoring roles on a part-time basis.

Public Schools

Most of the teaching positions in public schools are in the smaller cities and rural areas. These schools run from September to June, with only a few in Prague and Brno. To get an opportunity to teach in a public school, you need a degree and a TELF certificate. A degree in English with some teaching experience is an added advantage.

Private Language Schools

The most abundant teaching positions in the Czech Republic are those in private language academies. Jobs in private language schools are easy to get due to their relaxed job requirements. Some private language schools will hire ESL teachers without a degree. Classes are usually held after school hours as additional language tutoring for students.

Private language schools offer a high degree of flexibility both in location and the type of students. You can find jobs teaching children, adults, or company employees. You may also be required to teach in public spaces like parks, cafes, companies, or students' homes.

Private Tutoring

ESL teachers in the Czech Republic can work as private tutors. Most new teachers start as freelance tutors before getting employment with schools. Freelance tutoring jobs are flexible as you can choose your work hours and decide your charges.

You may teach English to a group of adults, children or become a private teacher for companies looking to train their employees. In this case, basic knowledge of the Czech language might be helpful if not needed to make arrangements with potential clients.

Private International Schools

Private international schools in the Czech Republic recruit ESL teachers and pay higher salaries than most other job types, but these schools are few, and jobs are competitive.

To teach in a private international school in the Czech Republic, you need to have a teaching license from your home country in addition to a degree and a TEFL certificate.

How can you find a teaching job in the Czech Republic?

You can find English teaching jobs in the Czech Republic online or through school websites. Mostly, it is advisable to travel to the Czech Republic and apply to schools as employers prefer face-to-face interviews.

Online Job Portals

Local job websites like expats.cz and jobs.cz are great places to begin your job search online if you want to become an English teacher in the Czech Republic.

While sending applications to schools, ensure your CV states all of your qualifications and teaching experience if you have any. Most of all, include a local telephone number where the school can reach you if you are already in the country.

Apply Directly to Schools

When applying to schools in the Czech Republic, try to find the name of the school head or a specific teacher in administrative authority. Applications sent directly to persons usually get quicker attention than those sent to school email.

You can find schools in need of ESL teachers through websites like expats.cz. You can also visit popular language schools like James Cook Languages and Caledonian School in Prague and apply in person or inquire about vacancies.

Market Yourself

A great way you can get a teaching job quickly in the Czech Republic is to advertise yourself as a private tutor as soon as you get into the country. Many locals are looking for native English teachers to help them learn the English language.

Marketing yourself as a private tutor is a great way to show that you can provide this service. You can distribute handbills at shopping malls and in the university environment or display your posters on university bulletin boards and cafes.

You can also create a profile on platforms like Teacher Creature, where students can connect with teachers. Once you get a student, ask them to recommend you to their friends, and that way, you can begin to build a network of private students and increase your income.


Besides the internet and local newspapers, another way to find English teaching jobs in the Czech Republic is networking. You can connect with other ESL teachers in the Czech Republic or join an expat community like internations.org. There, you meet new people and advertise yourself. You may also join some virtual ESL teachers' community for tips and advice on navigating the ESL job market in the Czech Republic.

What is the salary for English teachers in the Czech Republic?

The average monthly salary for English teachers in the Czech Republic is USD1,000. ESL teachers in the Czech Republic can expect to earn a monthly salary between USD500 and USD2,000 while working for about 20 to 25 hours a week.

However, teachers with TEFL certificates usually earn a higher sum with a starting salary of USD1,000. Those who work with international schools can earn up to USD2,000.

Some other factors such as a university degree, number of teaching hours, and teaching experience can aid in the negotiation of better salaries.

Most language schools pay on an hourly basis at an average rate of about USD15 for a forty-five-minute lesson, while you can take home between USD10 and USD20 for your private tutoring lessons.

What type of visa do you need to teach English in the Czech Republic?

To teach English in the Czech Republic, you need a work visa. ESL teachers need to obtain work visas to teach legally in the Czech Republic except for the citizens of EU countries.

Some teachers travel on a tourist visa and begin to process their work visas once they find a job.

Work visas in Czech are of two types - the Zivno and standard work visa. Most ESL teachers in the Czech Republic prefer to process a Zivno because of the latter option's severity.

Zivnostenske Visa or Business License

A Zivno visa entitles you to work legally for any school or private tutor of your choice and takes anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months to process.

Unlike a regular work visa, Zivno is issued to teachers who work for schools on a contract basis, not as typical employees. It is the most common type of visa among ESL teachers in the Czech Republic.

The documents needed to process a Zivno include a credit card showing access to at least USD6,000, visa application form, one-year health insurance policy, criminal background check, paperwork from your landlord, and a passport valid for 12 months beyond your stay in the country.

You can apply for the Zivno visa at the Czech Republic consulate or embassy in your home country.

Standard Work Visa

The second way to work legally in the Czech Republic as an ESL teacher is to obtain a standard work visa. Like work visas for most other countries, you require a job offer to get a work visa.

Your ESL employer will have to sponsor you for a work visa. The validity depends on your continuous employment with the school. This means that your work visa becomes invalid once you no longer work for the school that sponsored it.

Most Czech ESL employers do not like this option as it can be expensive to sponsor a teacher, and the process takes longer.

Can you save money while teaching English in the Czech Republic?

You can save while teaching English in the Czech Republic if you minimize your budget. You could cook at home instead of eating out or share accommodation with other teachers to reduce cost.

Cost of living in the Czech Republic

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is inexpensive relative to its surrounding European countries. Indeed, Prague, the country's most expensive city, is less expensive when compared to most other European country capitals.

The cost of living in the Czech Republic ranges between USD500 and USD800, and ESL teachers can save even more if they cut down on some luxuries.

Accommodation Options in the Czech Republic

Most schools often provide accommodation. Such might be free of charge, or it may cost lower than what is obtainable elsewhere in the country.

If you were to get your apartment, rent would vary depending on location. A one-bedroom apartment within the city center costs about USD650, while the same apartment in the outskirts can go for as low as USD450.

Some schools in the Czech Republic provide accommodation for their ESL employees, while some ESL teachers have to rent living spaces.

Rent in Prague is usually more expensive than what obtains outside the city center, but you can cut on this cost by sharing an apartment with another ESL teacher or expat worker.

Generally, it costs about USD300 to USD600 a month to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the Czech Republic.

When can I apply for teaching jobs in the Czech Republic?

Although it is possible to find a job in Prague all year long, especially in language schools, typical hiring seasons are September and January.

You might need to stick to the stipulated hiring seasons for public and private schools as they are usually in line with the semester dates.

ESL teachers can apply for English teaching opportunities both on the ground and from overseas. Since some schools only accept applicants who are legally able to work in the Czech Republic, non-EU citizens would have to be in Prague to apply for the correct visa option.

If you are applying from your home country, you could forward your CV online with your interview conducted over Skype or phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I teach English in the Czech Republic without a degree?

You can teach English in the Czech Republic without a degree, although this may mean teaching as a volunteer or a private tutor. Most ESL employers have a preference for teachers with a degree and a TEFL. In public schools, having a degree in English is vital to get teaching jobs.

Where can I teach in the Czech Republic?

You can teach English in big cities like Prague and Brno, where there is the highest concentration of ESL jobs in the Czech Republic. Although most ESL teaching positions exist in Prague, the demand for ESL teachers is also high in Brno, Pilsen, and Ostrava.

Do I need to know Czech to teach in the Czech Republic?

Understanding the Czech language is not a requirement to teach English in the Czech Republic. If you teach English in a city like Prague, where over 40 % of the population speaks English, you can go by with simple day-to-day phrases. However, a good knowledge of Czech will help a lot if you teach in rural areas where there are hardly any English-speaking locals.

How easy is it to get a teaching job in the Czech Republic?

It is easy to get a teaching job in the Czech Republic as the demand for foreign English teachers is high and ever-growing. Many locals are seeking to improve their knowledge of the English language. You can get jobs as a private English tutor or an ESL teacher in international language schools.

Can a non-native get a teaching job in the Czech Republic?

You can get a teaching job in the Czech Republic as a non-native. Being native is not a requirement to teach English in the Czech Republic, but it is important to speak English with native fluency. Also, because employers prefer native speakers, finding a job as a non-native may be a bit tasking.

Fun and travel activities while teaching in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is widely referred to as the beer lovers' paradise due to its number of beer gardens and breweries. The country's beer never disappoints tourists and immigrants in delivering what a taste of central Europe feels like.

Apart from tasting delicious beers in Europe, you can also visit fascinating parks such as the Podyji National Park in Moravia and Bohemian Paradise. If you want more adventure, you can pay a visit to the Gothic All Saints Chapel, where you can see the remains of slain soldiers during medieval times.

For less scary adventures, visit Kutna Hora, a UNESCO World Heritage site that was once home to Europe's leading silver mines and the stone house.

For a more relaxed and green atmosphere, Pruhonice Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, blesses your views with wooded areas, streams, formal gardens, and 25 kilometers of interesting walking paths.

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